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  1. This has been happening for months, and it doesn't seem to matter which browser you use, the web clipper is generally useless and will sign out within 24 hours.
  2. Desperately needed. I have 20k notes, and some of mine are similar, but named differently, It would be great to search titles for specific words/acronyms, to change, as well as search for tags and rename those.
  3. The only way around this that I can think of is to (as it relates purely to notes with attachments) 1. save all the files to a folder 2. delete the notes from evernote 3. rename all the files with a tool like Name Mangler 4. Re-import all the files so that Evernote creates the note names based on the file name. I'd lik to think a global search and replace would be easier.
  4. Hi everyone. I'm curious. Does anyone know specifically when Evernote resets your allowance? For example, I'm a Premium user and my account says my allowance will be reset in 3 days. Does that mean: 1. The allowance will always be reset on the same day every month? (i.e. if my reset occurs on July 5, does that mean that the reset will occur on *every* 5th of the month? 2. Is there a particular time when the reset occurs? Is it 5pm EST, or midnight? Many thanks in anticipation. Best wishes, Mark
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