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  1. I had the keychain prompt for the first time today despite making no changes to my Mac user account/password or updating MacOS. Same dialog box text as posted at the top of the thread: "EvernoteSpotlight want to use your confidential information store in 'Evernote' in your keychain." I use Evernote daily, have only one account (Premium), and started getting that password prompt today. I have not restarted the Evernote in a few days nor did I restart it when I was prompted for the password. I do occasionally authenticate using Google credentials, but usually, I just login in directly using my Evernote username. Below is my platform and client version information in case that helps developers: Mac OS 10.14.4 Evernote: Version 7.10 (457750 Direct) Editor: 69.1.8237 (1f0aea9)
  2. Maybe there is something off with the way the forum voting works? There are more comments supporting the idea than votes for the feature. Maybe I just missed up voting, but I commented in support of this almost two years ago, and I didn't have a vote recorded. (I just rectified that now.) In case it's significant to the project managers, I moved from OneNote to Evernote 8 years ago (according to my oldest note) and have been paying for it for over half that time. (I don't remember when I first subscribed.) I use all of the following applications regularly: Mac OS client, Evernote Web Clipper in Chrome, Android client, and iOS client. I've also regularly advocated for and presented it to others as a reference system for keeping notes and archiving content from other sources especially getting useful information out of email. (However, I work in education so I've backed off on that a bit when talking to teachers due to the cost for features such as emailing in notes.)
  3. As I just discovered on this thread about email appending, Evernote has that feature when emailing in. Wouldn't much of the same code with regard to edge cases and appending be used for writing the append info into a note regardless of whether it was captured using the Web Clipper or via an email forward?
  4. I would really like to see the Web Clipper have the option to append to an existing note too for many reasons including this one. One sort of work around is the the ability to forward a message to an existing note via email. If the subject line of the email you forward to Evernote exactly matches the title of a existing note and you add a SPACE and the + character to the end of the subject line, the email message will be appended to the note in Evernote. According to what I've read, if you have to notes with the same name, the append will happen to the most recent note. I just found this out from another forum thread when looking to see if there any other Web Clipper options - https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/34032-new-email-feature-append-to-existing-notes/ This email append might work for the same email thread, which seems the use case for @MartinBooker, but it's not great for cases where the subject lines of the sources messages are different since you'd probably have to go lookup the exact note title a copy it to make sure you got it right. By then, you could probably just copy/paste the email although formatting does sometimes seem to get wonky when doing that. I'd rather see the (Chrome) Evernote Web Clipper let me pick an existing note from a drop down generated by a search box, or even, better seeded with a list of notes that Evernote suggests based on content like it does related notes are suggested.
  5. I'd actually rather it have a manual option than automatic (or at least a small, medium, large choice) as sometimes I want to really see the image in detail, but most of the time a thumbnail would be fine. Also, width resizing is already automatic but that still makes for a much larger (height-wise) image view than necessary at times.) Sometimes the best reason to have an image in a note is so that a search on text in the image will find the note later. Whether automatic or not, the ability to shrink the view (not edit the actual image file) as described above would be very helpful on the OS X and Windows versions of Evernote to provide a little more control of the formatting of a notes page. (I'm not looking to make it a word processor but some formatting makes it easer to read longer notes later.) That is one of the features I miss from Microsoft OneNote. I was a huge OneNote user (and trainer) for many years. (I even switched to Evernote about five years ago then went back to OneNote.) However, I'm back to Evernote (congratulations to the developers for all the improvements in the past five years) and sticking with it now having given up OneNote. This is primarly due to Evernote's ease of use across the four platforms I use. (Android phone, iPad, Windows laptop, and occasionally a MacBook.) I'm now heavy Evernote user (and training others on it), but there is definitely room for improvement with regards to note formatting. Resizing an image "preview" is a component of that. I suspect one issue with giving the user a size choice for an image view is that would complicate how the current automatic preview size works especially on mobile devices, which already have the ability to tap the image and see it full-screen. Maybe just providing a small/medium/original choice with original keeping the current automatic rescaling based on width would be a best of both worlds.
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