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  1. hi bartmann001 thanks for your reply again. i finally found out where the problem lies!! its with the keyboard!! i am using google pinyin ime as i need to input chinese characters from time to time. after reading your reply, i tried different keyboards such as swiftkey x and others and it worked!!! I was able to make the selected word bold. i then played around with google pinyin ime and i found a way to bypass the bug. it will only bold the word with the following steps: 1) place the cursor at the end of the sentence or anywhere where there is no text. 2) change it to chinese input 3) select the word or sentence and then press bold anyway, thanks for your replies!
  2. hi bartman001 thanks for your reply. if i place the cursor within a word, the letter after the cursor will become bold by pressing the bold button. this works fine. however, if i select the entire word and make it bold, it actually disappears afterpressing the bold button. i am new to android phone so can you go through the steps to make the text bold if you dont mind. if my steps are correct, is it a settings problem? i tried reinstalling the program but still getting the same problem
  3. I am using Galaxy S3 and I wanted to make a selected text bold. So I have selected the text by highlighting it, and then pressing the bold button. Instead of making the selected text bold, it actually deleted the text. Same applies to underline or making the text italic. Anyone having the same problem? Please advise. Thanks
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