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  1. I actually received an email - addressed to me by my Evernote user name - regarding the matter. When I followed the link to the forum within the email it took me to a very dodgy Paypal window......
  2. How do you focus once you have page camera on? My iPhone 5 will focus before it is on but not after. I can't get hold of the proper note book - there are no suppliers in NZ and the next nearest is in Australia and they have sold out until December! So I have tried using one of my existing Moleskine notebooks and have to say it works better with Page Camera off than on!
  3. Have to agree with Justin. As a photojournalist I also do a lot of visual research: indeed, at the moment I am doing a lot for a 2 month trip to Vietnam and Cambodia next year, collecting websites of interest, videos from You Tube of locations, maps, images and so on. At present in order for that to be useful I have to create the screenshot note and then copy and paste the address. Not hard but a PITA and laborious when 10 minutes of coding from the geniuses at EN would make it happen as a single action!
  4. Great. Best solution would be to clip the screenshot and have that as an automatic link to the page when clicked in the note, please!!
  5. Hi I can figure out how to paste a web address to a note so it's live and how to clip a screenshot to a note. What I'd like to do is clip both at the same time to the same note, or clip the screenshot so that if I click on it the website will open. Can I do either of those? I'm using OSX 10.7.4 Lion and Safari.
  6. Ah. Thanks! And how can I tell if what I am seeking to upload from Livescribe exceeds that? There is no error message to warn you that the action won't succeed either - it looks just the same as it does when it works fine!
  7. Hi I recently used my Livescribe pen to record a pen cast at a 2 day conference. There are around 12 pages of notes allied to perhaps 15 hours of audio. If I do what I usually do - select the relevant pages in Livescribe Desktop and then drag and drop them to my Evernote account, it appears to process them but they never appear in Evernote. Is there some sort of Evernote limit on this? I've asked Livescribe the same question as I cannot see any apparent problem so have no idea which app is causing the failed transfer.
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