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  1. This has been an Evernote problem since 2006, at least when I started using Evernote. Last year, and only because of this ridiculous text formatting problem, I moved to Microsoft OneNote which has simply awesome formatting and drawing tools. Overall OneNote lacks all of the elegance of Evernote, but at least it's improving all the time. I am no fan of Microsoft, but happy I made the switch.
  2. All of these explanations also come from workers at the post office... "We will take your complaint under advisement... next in line, please!"
  3. As long term Evernote user, My resentment toward this company is that fact that the pained and frustrated requests from its user community have been ignored for well-over ten years. Why do they provide basic text editing at a standard well below that set in the 1990's on Mac and Windows? Its not because of coding requirements; they are after greater profits, ie, less coders for basic feature support. This is why I switched to OneNote from Microsoft. For text editing, OneNote is like a dream come true. Pen support is amazing. And, OneNotes' quirks get addressed quickly.
  4. jefito - yes, I bounced off OneNote a couple of years ago, and was unimpressed. But the shortcomings have improved. Webclipper is now as robust as evernote, iPad pen support much better integrated and usable. I had very good experience with the OneNote importer tool (windows version). There is one problem with the importer tool that may have affected you: importer does not import notebooks, rather it imports all notes into an inbox. That can create a mess. The workaround is to import one notebook at a time, then create new notebook in OneNote and drag new notes into it. A bit laborious, but only have to do it one time... not everyday with evernote text formatting.
  5. cswilly: Microsoft OneNote has a nifty import tool. gazumped: You insult us when you say, "In a perfect world, every app should deal with all my needs." Text editing is the most basic of all features. The fact that Evernote does not adequately support this, never really has, is a huge deificiency on their part. We heavy users may be stuck with Evernote, but no new user should ever start with Evernote.
  6. HI Ben, I feel your pain. I have been a user since 2009, and been patiently putting up with the brain-dead text formatting since then. You are right, it is a disgrace and I've finally found a good alternative. I am now in the process of switching to Microsoft OneNote. Prior to now, there has been nothing that could offer the seamless syncing, quality webclipper and iPad Pro Pencil integration (Penultimate). But recent updates to OneNote now match/exceed Evernote in these categories, and of course, it has amazing text editing capabilities with graphics integration. OneNote has a very functional tool for importing notebooks directly from Evernote. I recommend you import just one notebook at a time, as it dumps them in a central location in One Note and you will have to reassign to their notebook system. The Windows importer is very robust, the Mac version, not so much.
  7. For those of you who consider Evernote note taking satisfactory... is it wrong that our expectations be equivalent to a mail program, or OS bundled Note pad app? That mean basic simple text formatting perfecting on PC notepads with Windows 3.1, circa 1993. IMHO, that's not too much to expect from evernote.
  8. OneNote is far superior to Evernote for organizing notes, formatting text, integration of Apple Pencil, etc. I have no hope for Evernote ever fixing their dysfunctional text formatting (been using since 2005 and it has changed little). The _only_ reason I have not switched to OneNote is it because it's webclipper is dysfunctional, and Evernote's is superb. So, just waiting for OneNote to enhance it's web clipper and I'm gone!
  9. In MacOS, Apple Notes and all Microsoft, Adobe apps support a function to delete characters ahead of the cursor one at a time by holding down the "fn" key while tapping the "delete" key. This is a very handy editing shortcut. This feature does not work within Evernote. Vote to add it in!
  10. This bug is still alive. Seems all evernote apps are poorly coded when it comes to content creation.
  11. I have been using Evernote off and on for ten years. Text handling has gone from horrible to bad. Poor support for plain text is why I always leave. Apple notes proves text handling can be done well across all devices. The Evernote dev team has a lot to learn about technology perfected 20 years ago (plain text). Don't hold your breath.
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