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  1. Here here. Ever curious, it would be fascinating to hear the basis for removing this...Evernote, please could you give us a "fly on the wall" insight into the decision to drop this time-saving feature?
  2. Is this how you post...write something into "what's on your mind?". How about a "Post" sign somewhere...to make it even more intuitive!

    1. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      This is not exactly the area to post requests as such, since this is more of a profile thing...

      It is also unlikely that many people will see this because of this.

  3. Suggestion: Evernote for Mac - add to click + CONTROL drop down menu an option to move folder

    1. spg SCOTT

      spg SCOTT

      Welcome to the forum :)

      I would suggest posting in the Mac forum:


      There is a button on the right, with the text "Start New Topic"

      Posting it in the correct forum will greatly increase the chance of someone reading it and commenting on it :)


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