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  1. @Spongey, can I ask, is there a way to still use MergeEver (or a similar app) on iOS to merge notes in EN while we (endlessly...) wait for EN to add the feature? I’m having trouble finding it on the AppStore and wondered if you happen to know if there’s still a way to use it. Or any similar app? Thanks so much for sharing this info. You made a great post on the EN thread with the feature request for merging notes - great points made in it. 

  2. If I could add my voice to this also... this is a feature that has been available for years (in a basic but effective manner) in the separate (unrelated) app called MergeEver, which has been a lifesaver as I’ve moved more and more on to the iPad. I’m now using the larger screen (12.9-inch) iPad Pro and with the upcoming release of iOS13 and the extra multitasking features mooted for it, I will be doing most of my work on the iPad). I’ve been a heavy user of Evernote for many years, but always found it lacking in iOS. I have had to keep going back to the desktop computer to do my merging of related content. And I do a lot of this. It would be wonderful to finally achieve feature parity with the desktop version (I’m on Mac) but even if this cannot be done, the ability to merge notes really is a crucial feature. If MergeEver could do this on iOS years ago, why is it taking so long for Evernote itself to incorporate the feature? The ability to merge multiple notes is one of the main reasons I moved to Evernote in the first place (on the desktop). Please push this feature up your priority list.
  3. Yes, the Mac app has become extremely slow at syncing notes, adding tags and moving notes to notebooks. It used to do this in real time - now it takes ages. I have to switch to other tasks and come back to it. This is ruining Evernote for me - I use it fairly heavily and while new features are nice, SPEED and RELIABILITY are paramount! UPDATE: I re-downloaded and reinstalled the Evernote program (Mac) and still having a problem where I can't view the content of notes (they show up BLANK) while a sync is in progress (which can take some time)
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