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  1. I am a heavy user of both apps Penultimate and Paper by 53 and I agree with the feeling and responsiveness of 53's app as well as some other features. One thing that Penultimate could learn from Paper is the different pens it comes with and how it still maintains its power of accuracy. I love the water color brush that is has and i haven't found any app that closely matches it. No offense to Penultimate since I use this everytime I do my conceptual thinking. This is the app I run to if an idea pops into my mind. Its fast rendering, non segmented capabilities of the things I write prompted me to do this. Simple Pens and colors make 1st phase concepts flow quickly. Once I have it ready the i transfer my concepts to other sketching apps like Procreate. What I am waiting for? Is to integrate Penultimate entirely with Evernote so all my doodles and sketches can actually get tagged, sorted and properly organized not just by notebooks. Thanks.
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