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  1. I might be able to shed light on this topic cause I for one is unable to truly use this tool to store all my documents because it’d clog up my view and search. I’d like to store receipts, business card, old documents, but repel to do so because it’s going to do just that. I’ve a cabinet full of old documents dating back to 1997, I’d like to scan and store them on Evernote, but it would clog up my view and search and make this tool unusable for day-to-day tasks. However, if they could be archived within Evernote, it would make a life of different. A great example of the usefulness of the archive feature is Gmail, I’m able to store all my emails (want and unwanted) but my inbox is clean until I visit the “All Mail” folder or search to view these old messages that have been archived. Therefore, I think the developers know exactly what the users need to make this tool useful. I beg the question, why haven’t they implemented it? Instead, they focus on useless features such as Work Chat. I’ve been a Premium subscriber for the past 3 years and I have been reconsidering. Thanks.
  2. This issue has to do with a hyperlink in one of your notes that's preventing your note from export. I just experienced this issue and I had to export individual notes before I figured it out. Another way to find the note, it say 75 of 100 notes, just start counting from the top until you get to note 75, look at the hyperlink in the note. Thanks
  3. Any future plans to release a Linux (ubuntu) client? As a Premium member, it would make my membership worthwhile. Thanks.
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