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  1. There's still a problem with the reminders when it comes to clearing them. Creating reminders and syncing them is fine. The issue is that if you clear the reminder on Windows and sync it, it would still show up in the list of reminders. If the reminder had a date, then it would just appear as a reminder without a date. However, on other clients, the cleared reminder would sync properly and not show up in your reminders. If you clear the reminder on another client, then the reminder would disappear from the reminders list in the windows client. Checking the reminder as "done" doesn't make a difference. The other Evernote clients that I've tested this on for comparison is the iOS client on iPhone and iPad.
  2. Evernote has been pretty helpful in managing my time and remembering to do the things that I need to do. But there's always room for improvement. Currently there aren't any apps (that I know of) that remind you of a certain note at a certain time. You see, I have a "Planner" notebook where I store all my To Do lists, each note being under a certain context such as Home, University, Shopping List, etc. I know that the problem with that is that the invididual tasks can't be grouped together according to when I need to do them. I could make a seperate note for each day but there's two reasons why I don't. One is because a number of the tasks I have are things that I know I need to do eventually but are low priority. Things such as reading a certain book. So if I were to put them in a seperate note named with the context, then I'd probably just forget about them. Second is because I'm quite the forgetful person so there's no guarantee that I'll know that I have a list of things to do. I'm the kind that needs push notifications for these kind of things, haha. Plus, it doesn't work with the time of the day, because that's how I use my reminders - if I have things to ask the lecturer at the end of a class at 10:00, then I'd have a reminder at 9.45 or so. So I'd use the Evernote app, but there's no push notifications or badges because that's not really the point of the app. I've tried using Meshin Calendar. Being able to link with my Google Calendar is great, but my To Do list is usually the things I need to do when I have free time, which I don't make an Event for in my Calendar. Again, lack of push notifications or badges AnyToDo comes close to what I need - To Do stored in Evernote, app presents it in a clear interface. The sync function is a bit iffy - you could create a new note tagged "NotImportant" or so in Evernote, then sync to AnyToDo and it'd show up. Then you could change the priority but that doesn't update the tag of the note when you view it on Evernote. I'm not really a fan of having seperate notes for individual tasks, either. The way they want you to structure it is that your Notebook is the context and any notes tagged with AnyToDo in it becomes a task in AnyToDo. Since most of the information I store is reference material, I find it quite messy. The reminders could also use a bit of work. It's as close to a Today view, but to use it like that, you'd have to open the app and see your missed reminders because the home screen badge only updates after that. There are the home screen/notification drawer notifications but I've always been one to ignore those. It also doesn't work well for those tasks Doesn't work for those kind of tasks you need to get it done by the end of the day but don't need a specific time because they can be done in any order. Egretlist needs to be revived. I think the reason I've been picky on what to use for my To Dos is because I've seen what Egretlist is like so that's what I've been expecting from all these apps that I've tried. If there's anyone here that still uses Egretlist, please do let me know if it still works well.
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