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  1. I thought Evernote was finally going to allow me to leave my moleskin notebook at home until I found out I could not easily add a quick sketch into a note. How can a company with a mature app (many versions, upgrades, additions, aquisitions, etc) that is focused on creating and syncing "Virtual Notebooks" not let you sketch on a page? It completely boggles my mind and has thrown me back to square one on finding a system for keeping my notes, sketches, and tasks synchronized across an iPad, Android Phone, and 3 computers. It is very frustrating... EN was SOOOO close.
  2. This should be a no brainer. It has kept me from really diving into using Evernote as my primary method for taking notes during walkthroughs and meetings. I would love to leave my notebook at home, but I need to type, handwrite, and draw seamlessly to do so.
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