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  1. @clarer1 You will have to create a public shared notebook if you want to be able to share with someone who hasn't got an account. An alternative would be for you to setup a dummy account for your manager and tell her the username and password? She could then look at the notebook, through the web client, without installing any software.
  2. Searching shared/joined notebook works fine in EN 4.4.0 but in EN 5.1.2 I get an error message -
  3. We learn something every day. Looks like you just edit the first post and change the topic title! Its not obvious in some browsers, you may need to switch to 'Use Full Editor' (hence confusion).
  4. Chris it isn't bad by any means, but I think Parallels is going to be better in the MAC environment.
  5. Recently with webclips and I think longer notes, I've noticed that when I click/press to enter edit mode the screen doesn't update properly when the keyboard opens (added as bug B11 in the first post). The left screenshot shows what I initially saw, as I typed the screen updated to show where I actually expected to be. Its random I haven't worked out exactly what causes it. Just try this note - https://www.evernote...c4-fe2e51983d8e If you rotate the screen and jump in and out of the note and in and out of the edit mode within 10-20 edits it occurs. It seems to happen more often in landscape mode. Here is another example - http://dl.dropbox.co.../wrongpart2.jpg
  6. Chris, Don't play with this on a critical PC or using an important EN account (just in case). Although its fine/reliable it does take some technical knowledge and you're not having much luck at present! I note there's a MAC version too? LOL
  7. LOL, have you considered running virtual PC's within Windows 7. I use VirtualBox mainly https://www.virtualbox.org/ Obviously makes it much easier to move between different bits of Windows hardware (as needed). Backup is a very simple too, just copy the virtual disk files. Using this method you can get a new PC out of its box install VirtualBox copy your existing virtual drives over and be up and running with all your apps, settings and Evernote database in under an hour?
  8. LOL Chris, Windows has the best EN experience. Why not buy a Tosh Ultra book with SSD hard disk. http://www.dabs.com/products/toshiba-portege-z830-core-i3-2367m-4gb-ram-128gb-ssd-hdd-13-3--windows-7-home-premium-7S41.html?q=toshiba%20ultrabook&src=16
  9. @Grumpy With regard to your sync/header issues I wonder whether it depends on which Server/Shard your data is located. I suspect as I am a relatively new user I'm on more modern kit? Have you tried setting up another account and testing the performance?
  10. Almost none, why? I was wondering why you get a lot of synchronisation going on. When you talk about search, is this at the top of the screen or the search within a note above the keyboard? I've updated my Bug list with B6a regarding the 'Cancel'. I've also noted the inability on the iPhone to quickly jump backwards and forwards between notes! (S4)
  11. Hi Zoso, You can do this already, if you use the Windows client. You can setup an auto import folder, anything you save there is then uploaded to Evernote. Here's a document explaining its setup - https://support.evernote.com/ics/support/KBAnswer.asp?questionID=1284&hitOffset=339+308+290+263+224+169+153+146+138+129+126+110+98+87+83+61+51+10+9+4&docID=24012
  12. @Techraf agreed re "cancel" should be: done, close or ok. Do you have a lot of updates coming in via email or other EN clients?
  13. searches? "(7) Downloading headers" Techraf seems to be having performance issues here too.
  14. @Grumpy how complex are the search terms you are pasting, or does it occur with simple ones too?
  15. Hi Devnulldude, Welcome to the forums. Have you tried http://kustomnote.com/
  16. @Ka7ple If Heathers suggestion doesn't work, try deleting the notebooks from the Web client instead and then sync Windows (login top right at www.evernote.com). Also check you aren't using a 3rd party App that creates these notebooks in your account? Good luck.
  17. The attachment view on the iPhone EN4 also displays all attached files within each note.
  18. LOL I remember having a conversation about note counts for searches sometime ago, little did I know that this was a removed feature! Agreed about performance, but we could easily have an option to switch on/off. This feature could remain Windows specific. When you start to drill down into the individual powers of each client it is surprising what you uncover! The iPhone EN4 client had some uniquely powerful tricks
  19. Following Tom's post in another thread I have taken another look at the iPhone EN4 thumbnail view. It's far more useful than I realised, it displays a thumbnail for every image within a note. Here is an example of a filter to one note. I'm not aware of any other EN client that has this feature.
  20. @mogf01 Agreed about the Mac desktop client. Someone should do a similar list for the Mac client. I don't use it enough to notice all the differences, and it would be a big job! To be fair on the Mac, EN have been adding back features and responding to many issues. I would give EN another couple of months, it is really difficult to find anything which is as capable. There are a number of threads explaining how to install a previous Mac client in the meantime.
  21. @Ubiguchi I think EN are getting the message and yes the next two months will be critical. If you watch the designer videos and the recent Libin interview it's clear they meant to deliver a different result! I suggest this is a time for reflection and a good time to pause and draw breath! Merry Christmas - I hope EN staff get a good break and come back all fired up, ready to rebuild some 'bridges' in the New Year!
  22. @techraf I've not noticed any change to the judder but I only see this when scrolling a note. jhull suggested 5.1.2 was to address the photo sync issue. Jhull has acknowledged the bug list for the next release, so I'm hoping they will address some of the missing features too.
  23. @May Yes agreed and on closer inspection this is how the Windows client works, although it doesn't underline the matching string which I think is a good enhancement.
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