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  1. The split keyboard works inconsistently see below. Most of the time it appears without the function bar?! It might make more sense to put the function bar at the bottom of the screen (as when using a bluetooth keyboard).
  2. LOL I'm not sure the million dollar investors in Evernote will be so understanding... I agree with your summary of support interactions. It doesn't feel rewarding, in my view, because there is no history of your tickets.
  3. @BlueOak To be honest I'm not sure it went away? I'm not saying all these bugs were introduced in EN5, but they are present in the latest version. If you have any other issues not on my list let me know.
  4. @Sang Dang another App you could use is FastEver, this doesn't support formatting and thus strips formatting when you paste into it. FastEver is also a very fast way of getting a new note into your EN account, unfortunately its only useful to create new notes.
  5. When using a bluetooth keyboard with a note zoomed (to make it easier on the eyes) the cursor often moves off the screen requiring manual screen scrolling. The App works perfectly when not zoomed and scrolls the window appropriately to keep the cursor visible.
  6. I see the rotating problem a lot. The trick is to open it (by double clicking) and then rotate it in the windows viewer and close it. The thumbnail often needs a sync to update.
  7. @BNF I had you down as a tattoo artist or similar? (how wrong could I be)
  8. As jefito says the OCR isn't foolproof. I don't think that text will be recognised its too small/custom. I'd try uploading the zoomed version.
  9. @Grumpy LOL we'll be asking for 2FA next. Obviously nothing is 100% but you can only have one EN account attached to each email address and every account must have an email address. So we just need it to tie the two together. Obviously you may want to send an invite to someone who hasn't got an EN account which is fine and it can warn you of the additional risk. If you tie the two together then you know that the email invite is useless, except to a person who has the password to the destination Evernote account. Otherwise its a bit like sending your garage door key and a card with your home address, in an envelope via the post, to a friends address. Probably OK most of the time, but stupid!
  10. @Grumpy I have tested this sharing weakness further and its dangerous. Shall I contact Heather or can you flag it up? The issue in my mind, is the use of email at all. The clients should accept/respond to invites directly. If email is to be used, the client should identify whether an EN user exists with that email address and make sure that only that account can connect to it (also warn the sharer if the person they are inviting will need to setup an account). Presently if I mistype an email address the recipient only has to create an EN account to accept my erroneous invite. WHAT MAKES IT WORSE I have no idea which EN account has connected to it, as the sharing screen only shows the email address I sent it to.
  11. Very minor bug. Starting with 'All Notes' select a saved search then select the back arrow 'Search Notes', select the same saved search and this time the back arrow becomes 'All Notes' (still goes back to search).
  12. Another minor bug see below. The saved search and recent search list shrinks to a smaller and smaller window. It seems to be related to keyboard pop-up and screen rotation but I've not tied down what exactly causes it. Only closing the App fully, fixes it. Closing the tab makes no difference it remembers this reduced size.
  13. "Yes, and no. I am unclear about this myself. I recently received a business account invite, for example, to one email address. I logged in from another account with a different email address, and it worked, so business accounts (apparently) can be joined by anyone, regardless of whether they were the actual invitee. If you receive an invite and forward it to your sister, she could join. This seems like a problem to me, but I will bring it up in the business forums, because I am a little unfamiliar still with the service. Maybe it isn't a problem at all, and I am misunderstanding something" @grumpy ...because the invite goes to an email address not a evernote username (specifically) it appears anybody can accept the invite who has a valid EN account. Once such a link is setup the invite is disabled. ALSO it doesn't tell you in your shared info who has actually attached, it just shows the email address you used to send the invite. So its a definite weakness unless I'm missing something?
  14. @grumpy LOL .... Having played with sharing I seem to have confused my test account. In all clients it shows '.notebook3' as shared, but when I check the settings it indicates it isn't?#!
  15. @clarer1 I have done some further checks. With the dummy account you will need to accept the invite by email and login to the dummy evernote account to fully lock it down. Once you have done this you can check and adjust the status of the share at any time by going back into the share window and see the users who are connected and their access rights.
  16. I think the dummy account is the way to go and I think this is as safe as you are going to get and no this type of share isn't google indexed or accessible publicly.... as long as you create the share after you have created the dummy user.
  17. @Grumpy it appears to be quite complicated and I'm not fully convinced I know what's happening. Apparently the link continues to work as long as nobody views it who has a EN account currently logged in within the browser (or joins it). Its like once it can identify an EN individual it locks it down further.
  18. Just fixed all the links from my IP to other posts in this thread. Note to self - don't rename a topic unless you want to edit all the links to posts within that thread!?# Actually it still links to the right page, but not the post...
  19. Jhull thought it had been fixed with a web update, I let him know I still had the problem, I haven't heard anything since.
  20. @Grumpy no joy with your notebook either. I've also tried deleting the others to see whether they affect each other (no joy).
  21. @Grumpy Re Anathem adds another contradictory dimension, good point.
  22. @Grumpy 4.4 can search shared notebooks, not sure how, as you say may be a server side update. I haven't got any shared notebooks that don't error, on search, in my test account. Here is another that's featured in the EN Dummies book - https://www.evernote.com/pub/colleenyoung/qrcodes Re listening I hope many of the items in my Bug list B1-B11, in the IP, get fixed in the next release. Thanks for flagging it up!
  23. In 4.4.0 you can search "All notes" or "This notebook". The joined notebook is this one https://www.evernote.com/pub/spgscott/evernote-help Please let me know whether you can search this notebook in 5.1.2... I have the same EN account on an iPad3 producing this error in 5.1.2 and an iPad1 with 4.4.0 working fine.
  24. OK... I'm wrong it seems there is an option see below which you can tick, perhaps it doesn't appear in every client? It's still in effect public, as anybody with the link will be able to view the notebook.
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