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  1. @Moose have you tried opening the app with wifi etc off. As I understand this my be a sync issue.
  2. Hi Willbert, I'd talk to support as although EN sync on the iPhone/iOS is very unreliable at the moment, usually with closing the app, powering off the iPhone fully or switching to a different Wifi location the sync will complete after a few attempts. Obviously very poor, but it's not a solid issue like you are seeing.
  3. @Vrademaker for the brave..... I'd export all your notes using the Windows client, LEAVE the password as is! and then delete all your notes & empty the trash... when the lost phone syncs it will delete everything! obviously you will not know how long to leave it perhaps 3-4 days? Then change your password and re-import your data! On your other device make sure you use the iOS pin lock as after so many failed attempts you can make it erase the data....Also setup find my iPhone for remote wipe http://support.apple.com/kb/PH2701
  4. it's not fixed... I wasted 10 mins this morning convincing it to sync 3 notes with 1 photo each from my iPhone. Worked in the end but I've got better things to do.
  5. @psionmark my point re 6 weeks referred to seeing significant progress in the next release, as suggested here - But yes you could be right and this release might be months away!?# In my short experience here, I think we will see it by the end of February.
  6. For me EN on iOS is in the workshop.... waiting to be lovingly restored or crushed? I don't think historically dumbing down has worked even for subscription based products.... my feeling is this situation has just been handled very badly, perhaps due to time constraints and poor inter-team communication. It looks like many features will be returning but having to wait 2-3 months is totally stupid. The intentions were good, but the reality was/is out of control. We all make mistakes, so I'll give EN the benefit of the doubt for another 6 weeks before giving up!
  7. Interesting article re hardware key for future google security.... http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/internet-security/9811715/Google-aims-to-replace-passwords-with-ID-ring.html http://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/yubikey-nano/
  8. @alba63 I'd keep an eye on these forums for views on the next release... We may be pleasantly surprised! This following posts from an EN employee are encouraging -
  9. Ok just for amusement here is a graph of a re-sync of my account. This connection, at the time of this test, could wirelessly maintain 28Mb. So EN is going to a maximum of 7.5Mb but I guess the average is 3Mb.
  10. @Grumpy 'slow is slow' agreed, but then you would know for sure that its the issue. I guess also more people would report the issue too (particularly the current mb transfer rate).
  11. We need a more detailed sync status box (normally hidden) giving a better indication of what is going on. Perhaps it should give us: Current mb transfer rate Current note number being downloaded and total notes Current notebook name & note title I'd guess there is something wrong with the process as my 1GB database only takes a couple of hours to sync to the iPad. Without some sort of status screen it's impossible to tell. It's common though for downloads from cloud storage to be slower than your bandwidth, but I would expect a steady 4mb download (I have 80mb available).
  12. @JMichael OK note I used the word 'progress' But it appears we have the following: 1. Acknowledgement of missing features & Bugs 2. Updates to said issue progress, from EN employees 3. Many issues to be fixed and snippet view to be re-introduced in the next release 4. Request for further input on bugs that EN cannot track down 5. An indication that if further issues are added to the list, they will be looked at too! Overall we have a dialogue and a central list with many items soon to be crossed out! (time will tell).
  13. @JMichael I haven't seen moderator intervention like that before...LOL (well done!) We seem to be making progress with iOS why not update your Mac feature lists etc?
  14. I think jhull is talking about the return of 'Snippet' view... I don't think a text only list view will be part of the same release.... but you never know! (although many many many would say it should be)
  15. Editing text on the iPhone can cause very unhelpful scrolling. Example - With a note like this.... Seems to be worse in landscape view. Basically as I type into the middle paragraph every other key causes the paragraph to disappear and then reappear . etc.... Added as B21 to the bug list.
  16. Wow just shows how little typing I do on the iPhone.... agreed just created an example where every other letter I type the paragraph disappears up off the screen?#! I will add this to my bug list. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/32880-ios-evernote-5-loves-lost-fixed-and-broken/page__st__80#entry183024 I use FastEver most of the time, which I guess explains it.
  17. @Chris I suspect this is because they are shared notebooks which I don't think work offline either?
  18. @NightStalker I'm not seeing this problem except when the keyboard is visible. So it seems to work well before you enter edit mode. Also in either mode you can scroll the window without clearing the selection by two finger scrolling.... you can then enlarge your selection again after scrolling.
  19. I've added this to my EN iOS bug list (B20). @col3.3 well done for finding a work around.
  20. Unwanted line spacing introduced when pasting into a note (B20). @jhull Thank you very much for the update, looks like you are making good progress . I'm a little busy at present but I will try to come back to you on your queries in the next couple of days. B10 I'm seeing this solidly on the iPad and iTouch running EN 5.1.2 & iOS 5.1.1 (9B206)
  21. EN on the iPad Mini appears to have difficulty keeping the cursor visible when editing a note. The auto scrolling which works relatively well on the iPad doesn't appear to be working (added as B19 in the IP). Discussion here.
  22. @vor Welcome to the forums. Thanks for confirming the problem isn't isolated.
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