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  1. It sounds crazy on the face of it..... But they will have tried different settings and could immediately see the effect on thumbnails.... The problem is everybody's notebooks are different so what might work well for the majority may be rubbish for 40% of users.....
  2. Just as a matter of interest? what was the thinking behind this rule to select the thumbnail LOL.... why not just go with the first or last image/attachment in the note?
  3. Thanks Grumpy, I started a new thread as I thought this was a bit old and in the wrong section....
  4. Agreed OCR before upload is best.... BUT there is a problem with certain PDFs. See this example: https://www.evernote.com/pub/m1kewood/ocrproblem Apparently the the same PDF... the one that works (searchable) was sent from PDF Expert as a flattened copy. I suspect the raw document is being 'seen' as a previously OCRed document?
  5. You can't search within the note either once you open it... not a huge problem on a single page PDF but useless on a 30 page one.
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