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  1. As some suspected...."Evernote used the MD5 cryptographic algorithm to secure its passwords, despite numerous security experts saying that MD5 isn't fit for that purpose -- no matter how well it might be salted." http://www.informationweek.co.uk/security/application-security/password-police-cite-evernote-mistakes/240150250?cid=RSSfeed_IWK_ALL Not sure this is still true but the article points to EN blog posts on the subject.... http://blog.evernote.com/tech/2011/05/17/architectural-digest/#comment-455 Which in hindsight look naive?
  2. @JMichael Have you found anything in particular? I've not noticed its any worse than previous relatively stable versions. I note I'm still using 5.2.2 is 5.2.3 the problem?
  3. High Mike, when I have some time, I will try it, but basically this will be the case when snippets and list view are back. The strong thing about EN4.xx is that it just does what I want to do. Except a few things like ceating Notebooks and sub notebooks. I also mostly use my iPAD as a reader, and I tend to write notes on my PC (V 4 as well). Well snippets are back and better! we have a sort of list view too.... (hence my recommendation to try it).
  4. This change was already in the works.Not the "coming soon" part. It was on the list to do in 2013. Now I suspect it is on the list to do ASAP.Excellent news, shame they are briefing the press etc rather than using "official channels" as gbarry put it? (Forum official announcements, Evernote Blog, Twitter etc)Now what we need is a time frame. (This quarter?)
  5. Have you tried sending to a gmail address, perhaps setup an account for testing? this should hopefully show it's not broken completely and help troubleshoot further. If I had to guess, its probably a spam filter issue.
  6. @dlu thanks for keeping us updated but its a little worrying you aren't able to give a more specific idea of the level of encryption used to protect the passwords. Also I note this interesting observation from Sophos about the email you sent to 50 million users.... http://nakedsecurity.sophos.com/2013/03/03/evernote-reset-password/ I wish you the best of luck at your end, but please think about how we can reassure our clients/friends that you are on top of the situation ....perhaps by enhancing security going forward with a 2fa option?
  7. Using a PC or Mac login to the web client at www.evernote.comAssuming you see all you notes on the web then they will reappear on the iPad. If you had any unsynced notes then you may be in trouble. Hope that helps....
  8. @alba63 on the iPad I would now say that EN5.2.2 is better than EN4.xx! Try it, if you disagree let me know....
  9. @Grumpy "Actually, it is probably the appearance of security (the existence of a feature) rather than actual usage that will improve people's impression of Evernote. Even if only just one user implements 2fa, the fact that they have it will raise their profile among those who are concerned about security. That shouldn't be discounted!" Agreed so let's get on with it, by the end of March please! (annoucement of such would be good in the next 48 hours)
  10. Agreed it will be the minority who use 2fa but this minority will likely have the more valuable data. I guess we could argue that having people able to use 2fa might attract more valuable data to EN and thus increase the interest of hacks!... 2fa is to some extent a marketing/psychological tool. I use it on some of my cloud services and not on others. All I know is, I will have calls from some clients on Monday, who will be concerned about their data. If we had 2fa in place I could use it as a shield against some criticism I will receive (rightly or wrongly) for recommending a service which has been hacked and doesn't have a second level of security (2fa) like Google/Dropbox etc. No doubt they wouldn't be using it, but I could say they should be!
  11. Perhaps if most accounts had 2fa there would be little point in someone hacking the user/password list? Also with the delay in EN realising the breach etc. your notes could have been downloaded... You will never know. If your account has 2fa you don't care much that someone has your username and password for a few days.
  12. I know the last 24 hours hasn't been the best with the latest iOS update containing a looping crash trap (when changing sort order) and the entire user list potentially being hacked. But credit where credit is due, 15+ items have been addressed in our issues list. I suspect, after further checks, others will have been fixed too. Snippet view is clearly a well crafted solution with customisable settings. Please keep developing more like this! The PDF viewer is also outstanding!
  13. @Justacat I'd recommend you watch the recent designer talk videos. www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMuyO14NgVA www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWtKizpyhW4
  14. Check the status/existence of the notes within the web interface (on a PC or MAC) https://www.evernote.com/Login.action?targetUrl=%2FHome.actionAll the notes will revert to what you see there.
  15. @AixiA Welcome... If you uninstall & reinstall the App your unsynced notes WILL BE deleted. Unfortunately in my experience with your issue this is probably the only way you are going to fix it.
  16. The sync issue is made a lot better using iOS 6.1 Its not gone completely but its 90% fixed and at 2nd attempt of syncing all is OK. Doesn't help my iPad 1 much but the iPad 3 is now usable again.
  17. OK I was a bit bored this evening so I set about troubleshooting this issue. Uninstalled most of my Apps didn't help.... Reseting the device didn't help. Upgraded to iOS6.1 problem FIXED!!! Tried my test which fails every time and its been fine, three times in a row... So is everybody here still using iOS 5? Obviously not much use if you have an iPad 1!
  18. I hope the next release is imminent, I'm really hacked off with the sync issue. It's so easy to replicate, its fine with text notes but try uploading something from the camera roll and it's very frustrating!
  19. No its still stuffed. 1st photo synced fine.... 2nd photo 'Sync failed'
  20. @Moose I have had a quick look at the Penultimate data folder structure within an iTunes iPad backup and it's quite complex and in no way similar to the backup files you get if you sync to Dropbox etc. I'm sorry, but for users who haven't synced to Dropbox, It looks to me that the only way this is going to be resolved is by the EN/penultimate development team; possibly using a data recover utility working on the folders within an iPad backup...
  21. @Moose have you been syncing to Dropbox with the old version of penultimate?
  22. @R_tray - Have you searched your Mac or PC for an older .ipa file for this App. Unfortunately this is the only way you get back to the previous version.
  23. Yes if you delete the App it will delete the data... In theory this shouldn't be a problem as you should then be able to redownload from Dropbox into the new App (as this is still supported on a manual basis, so I understand*). Have you got a copy of the old penultimate ipa file in iTunes on your Mac or PC? Here is a discussion re rolling back an App BUT ONLY ATTEMPT THIS if you know you have been syncing with Dropbox etc. as I think this will delete the data on the iPad. *I'm still in iOS 5 so can't install this...
  24. @NightStalker Oh dear, same old issues sounds like Skitch 2 all over again! Have you tried "Explain Everything" it's good for doodling and can copy to Evernote if you want to, Even does zoom!
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