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  1. You are quite right Metrodon. BUT it appears 2-3 people in this thread have communicated directly with support on the matter. Clearly it has been made someone's responsibility but they need to link these support tickets to relevant forum threads.
  2. LOL there are many occasions when it has been stated that every post is read by an employee and in many cases more than one. From what I recall reading the posts above the issue has been reported to support.
  3. @C6REW I think we should have some clients signing up in a couple of months (most are using premium at present). Judging by the number of individual users posting re Business edition I'd guess there are about 5000 using it now. But I think for serious take up there needs to be a free trial period (30 days), reduction in cost to $8 per user and stability!
  4. FastEver (FE) Snap is great for image capture to EN 320x240 640x480 1024x768 1600x1200 or full res
  5. This info is from the new EN Business FAQ "Do I need to create a new account or can I keep my existing Evernote account? While you may create a second Evernote account, we strongly recommend that users with an existing Evernote account use it to join their company's Evernote Business account. Doing so will ensure that you receive all the benefits of Evernote Business Premium, which includes an increased monthly upload allowance, access to Offline Notebooks, PDF search and more. All of your Personal Notebooks and Personal Notes will remain completely separate from your Business Notebooks and Business Notes. No one, not even your company's Evernote Business Admin, will have access to or control over any of your Personal Notebooks and notes, and you can keep them even if you later leave the business. Using your existing Evernote account is also more convenient, as you will not need to manually switch between two separate accounts." Not sure this bit is entirely true? 'No one, not even your company's Evernote Business Admin, will have access to or control over any of your Personal Notebooks and notes'
  6. I guess this becomes even more of an issue with the business edition. As we are encouraged to link our personal account with the business acc. Some of these issues come about because the Windows client will download all your notes, it can't work in online mode like iOS. I think this needs thinking through more thoroughly now EN is officially being promoted to the business community!
  7. Actually Grumpy in Windows you can adjust the DPI of the whole screen which EN responds too as well as menu text, titles etc. individually (all part of windows screen settings). Although this affects all apps which may not be what you are looking for?
  8. You can insert images into a table, this will then allow text to appear along side them/it.
  9. @tom.martens What I've described above (rather poorly maybe) can be done on the iPad Puffin browser app. To see the string of letters and numbers for an individual note simply select a snippet in the EN browser client (www.evernote.com and login). Once you select a note you will need to go to the address bar and scroll to the end to see the string I'm referring to.
  10. @tom.martens You can create a new link with some work! using the Puffin browser App which is compatible with the EN Web client... If you open a note in the browser you will note its address has a string on the end, copy this. Then add this twice to a web link in the following form... evernote:///view/????????/????/1st copy here/2nd copy here where the ?????? are replaced by the same numbers present in all your linked notes links.
  11. @tom.martens Great idea, its good to be able to create job lists with linked notes describing the task in greater detail (a sort of index). Its particularly useful when sharing ideas with a team. Its also good for linking from other apps like iThoughtsHD. I didn't realise that we can already copy a previously created link (from Windows) to another note within the iPad, just hold and select copy. After pasting into another note on the iPad the very long link can be edited down to a single word as required.
  12. @Grumpy TextExpander does all sorts of clever stuff like inserting the current time and date, math symbols etc... http://smilesoftware.com/TextExpander/faq.html
  13. LOL... @jhull Can I suggest the iOS team look at the Android version! Notes can be sorted by: Date Updated, Date created, Title, Notebook, City & Country.
  14. @MemphisMcKay Works for me and I've just tested it gain to be sure. Did you wait for both apps to sync again?
  15. It seems you can add tags on the EN desktop edition but you can't edit the title? (which you can edit within skitch) You can't however touch the tags in the iOS version of EN. I think this needs some consistency adjustments! Also I'd like the ability to export to EN as a standard note with an attached JPG version of the skitch file (obviously not editable again).
  16. @Grumpy & Wooden Shoes.... I've just done some tests on other Apps which may provide access to websites and none I have found take any notice of the restriction. Wooden... have you found any other app that does?
  17. @bill I know a bit more about this issue now and it helps a lot if you create a searchable PDF before uploading to EN. PDFs created like this produce highlights in yellow as you would expect. If its a single page PDF then you don't need to use Control-F but on a multipage there is no choice; often there is more than one occurrence on different pages, so the way this works is understandable.
  18. @Extropy I would raise a support ticket urgently. Also I had a similar problem before the the latest app update. I suggest (after syncing) you uninstall the app... restart the iPhone and re-install EN from the App store.
  19. @neverforget if you can remember the last things you added/updated in EN... Login to EN on the web and check they are there, if they are then I'm sure it will be OK. @jmichael @heather What support send you in my experience are these instructions.... If you have any "Pending" notes, click the "Pending" tab (iPhone/iPod) or go to the "Pending Synchronization" section (iPad). 1. Copy the content of each note to your iOS Mail program and email them to your Evernote email address (do NOT attempt to email via Evernote). 2. Check your Camera Roll to ensure that any pending Image Notes have been auto-saved. If not, use the built in iOS "Screenshot" function to preserve Image Notes to your Camera Roll. 3. Uninstall Evernote from your device. 4. Reboot your device.* 5. Download the latest version of Evernote via the AppStore. * Reboot isn't really an iPhone expression I'm not sure whether they mean power off and on (restart) or reset?
  20. If you are taking new photos into new notes then I would consider using FastEver Snap.... this App allows 4 different sizes to be selected before sending to EN. http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fastever-snap-camera-app-for/id386955086?mt=8
  21. Seems to be an issue when scrolling a note too (accidental edit mode).Biggest issue for me tho is the crashing out when adding or editing a note.
  22. You can easily merge them from within EN windows... Highlight the ones you want using CTRL or SHIFT and then click merge.
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