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  1. Is anyone from the Evernote team actually monitoring this space? This is a major usability issue with Evernote and I am actually considering canceling my pro subscription unless this is fixed very soon. I rely heavily on the tagging feature and not being able to add new tags on the fly from the iOS web clipper is a major showstopper for me. Also, having to select the tags by scrolling through an endless list of tags is another major UX nightmare, why don't you simply implement the typeahead search like in all browser clipper versions?
  2. Hi Scott, thanks. In my case this doesn't help much. I use Evernote as a kind of personal knowledge base to store technical articles and bookmarks and have hundreds if not thousands of clips coming from e.g. blogs.msdn.com domain, so a quick info that this particular URL was already clipped would really help a lot. Since URLs are unique, I presume that it should not be too difficult to implement a lookup logic based on URLs. Regards, Robert
  3. Web Clipper currently does not check if the web site was already clipped and instead creates a new note every time. However, since the URL of the page is saved with the note, it could and should be used to check if this URL was already clipped and display at least a warning that the URL is already in the notes, or, even better, provide the option to choose between creating a new note and overwriting the existing note. Is there anything I am missing, or is this feature simply not there (yet)? Thanks, Robert
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