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  1. The option to "clip selected" seems to have disappeared from the Firefox clipper? Why? This is the only option that ever worked reliably for me. Article and simplified article rarely capture the correct content. For instance, article, simplified article and full page all captured a blank note on a page I tried to capture this morning (and these sometimes just seem to capture a screen image instead of the true page content??) Someone actually made this change on purpose???? Why???? Martin
  2. OK, I was being blind - sorry about that. Got it now. Long-click in the text, "more", "Copy post content", settings button, Share, Evernote, paste in the text. (It doesn't copy the full text, but that looks like an issue with Tapatalk's "Copy", not with Evernote's "Paste".) cheers, Martin
  3. If I'm browsing a web forum (say forum.something.com) from a browser, I can clip from that page. If I browse the same forum via Tapatalk, is there a way to clip content? Thanks, Martin PS posted here, as I'm treating Tapatalk as just another way to browse web content.
  4. Back on 27th October I reported a bug with the latest version of Evernote (v4.5.10.7472 with web clipper v5.4 on Firefox 16.02) where it is adding one or more blank lines between paragraphs of clipped selections. See posts #5, #6 & #8 here:- http://discussion.ev...version-failed/ Sometimes it inserts a single blank line (making two in total) between paras. Other times you get three lines, where the middle line also has a single space. Do we have an ETA for a fix? Thanks, Martin
  5. "There are no updates available at this time. You are using the latest version of Evernote." I'm on Which version do I need for the fix? cheers, Martin
  6. Hmm, double spacing (inserting extra line-breaks) seems to be site-specific, but it's still rather hatefull. Have tried "simplify formatting", but it makes no change. cheers, Martin
  7. I've done the upgrade this morning and I can now clip pages that wouldn't yesterday. But, now everything that gets clipped is double-spaced!!! Urgh!!! Have checked, but there's no update for the add-on. cheers, Martin
  8. As useful as the merge feature is, I haven't yet found a way to ensure the items are merged into the correct order. Is there a way? cheers, Martin
  9. As per the similar threads for IE & Chrome... (http://discussion.ev...ew-version-459/ & http://discussion.ev...on-220122994-m/). Upgraded this morning to (267973), and now getting the above error when clipping from Firefox 16.0.1. cheers, Martin
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