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  1. Lets hope RTL languages support will be one of the those new features but until then I'll stick to my Evernote for windows 6.25.9091 because although RTL is not fully supported in 6.25 (for example adding bullet lists and numbered lists make a mess of the note) I still can use right-ctrl-shift to add RTL text whereas it is reported that this "workaround" doesn't work on that new v10. See "new version has broken RTL - Evernote for Windows Issues (Versions 10.0 and above) - Evernote User Forum" - https://discussion.evernote.com/forums/topic/130836-new-version-has-broken-rtl/
  2. 1. Not only on the beta version. 2. But only yesterday. It has happened to me, yesterday , September 3rd, on the stable Windows version ( win 7 x64) Today, September 4th it is working fine. It will be helpful if more users report on their experience on the next few days (beta and non-beta users).
  3. Thank you @gazumped for this good advice !! ☝️ I'm aware of these disadvantages of installing this old apk version and really going to try the upcoming Evernote for Android versions whenever they come. I'll get notified on new versions after I found a feed of all the versions and subscribed to it on my feed reader. https://www.apkmirror.com/apk/evernote-corporation/feed/ Also I'm going to backup my Windows Desktop Evernote more often this period.
  4. Tried the all the new Evernote for android versions 8.11 and 8.12 ....got heavy lag and sometimes even crashes.Tried also earlier versions of the 8 version....nothing helped. I almost lost hope but then I found my workaround....the latest 7 version which is 7.17.1 😀 I found the old apk here : https://www.apk4fun.com/apk/273293/ (32.3 MB) (no issues found on virustotal.com ) My phone Umidigi A3 Pro architecture is is arm64-v8a but I succeeded installing this arm64-v7A apk. The 7.17.1 is the last version before the 8 version and it is from about March 2018. Here's the unofficial changelog of the android app (my recommended apk is at the bottom of page no. 2) https://www.apk4fun.com/history/6372/2/Now, To stop Evernote from updating automatically by your android phone: 1. Open the Play Store app. 2. Touch "hamburger sign" > My apps & games. 3. Touch the INSTALLED tab, then touch the app's name. 4. Touch "3 dots" at the top-right and turn off "Enable auto update". That's it. From now on if you open your Google Play you'll see Evernote on the "Pending" list. Just ignore it. It will not be updated. I had no issues using this apk for the last few weeks and it responds very fast (opening the app, creating new notes and searching). Android Oreo 8.1.0 on Umidigi A3 Pro
  5. @vahidahmad,have you tried the latest suggestion (It works for me on Win7 x64. I have the same evernote like you) ? Which windows version do you have ?
  6. I just updated to 6.11. from 6.10. The right-ctrl-shift still works . These are my "note" settings (I don't think I changed many of the defaults). If you want you can try testing again with them. Win 7 x64 , Evernote 6.11
  7. @Dave-in-Decatur Hi, I run the same Evernote Android app v. 7.17.1 on Samsung Galaxy s5. Still No RTL support for me either. Until RTL support is added to the mobile app I'll keep using my workaround : I keep an "almost empty" RTL note template and whenever I need to create a new RTL note, I just tap the "duplicate" (from the 3 dots menu) , rename the title and start typing in RTL. Now that Evernote for Windows started to support RTL it is obviously easier to create the template (create it in Evernote for Windows and it will be synced to the mobile app).
  8. They finally added it !! See my new post here -
  9. Am I dreaming...??? After all these years has Evernote finally added RTL support (Right-to-Left direction) for their "Evernote for Windows" ? For the first time, I've just succeeded creating a RTL Hebrew note without the need to use any workarounds. For RTL note (Hebrew for example): (make sure your EN/HE keyboard is on HE) - New Note (or ctrl-N) to create a new note - Enter the title - Press the RIGHT cltrl-shift of the keyboard - Start typing. I haven't yet fully tested it but it seems to work well. No issues with punctuation marks, numbers and adding English text. My Evernote version is now 6.10 . Can someone with 6.11 please confirm that 6.11 also supports RTL (because there's no mention of it in the changelog) ? And Finally, if the functionality is really OK, can someone (@gazumped maybe ?) please ask the Evernote developers to add 2 direction buttons (RTL & LTR) to the Customize Toolbar window. Win 7 x64 Evernote (306921) Public (CE Build ce-1.39.4387)
  10. Thank you @Dave-in-Decatur. Yes, you succeeded viewing my public-shared note on your Opera Mobile browser. I still need to know if it can be viewed on a native android browser.
  11. First sorry for my late response... I have just created a short note called "A public note #1" on my Windows 7 desktop Evernote and shared it to the public. Here is the note public link http://www.evernote.com/l/ACruNCYGiBNAXalNLu3XnR5y6g8YHvVHLVU/ Can you please check and tell me if you can view the note on an android device without using the Evernote app. I tested it on the native browser of an android phone and ONLY the title of the note is displayed. Evernote Win 7 x64
  12. Is there really a way to view shared notes on android phones without using the Evernote app ? Can you explain how to do it ?
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