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  1. It's not the display issue, but on the picture taking side -- focus has been check before hitting the sutter release. Just now tried with Manual Mode, the photo taken by the app's camera appear pixelated. (notice the sticker label)
  2. Hopefully I posted in the right place. I am quite love the feature in EN that scan paper into clear image, It has been work smoothly on my previous phone (Sony Xperia X, single len) With the new wave of phones sporting multiple lens, I am confused with the quality of snapshot made by EN on my new device: Device: Sony Xperia 5 on Android 10 | Camera Lens: 3 | EN 8.12.5 snapshot for documents appears blurry, information on business card cannot be read. Have tried use the default camera when create notes with the widget, the image was not inserted into the note. Hopefully there will be a solution for this. Screenshot showing the issue.
  3. Same here... Win 8.1 EN User with 2-factor authentication. reported same issue faced as above Edit: Roll back to build 3593 seems to solve the problem... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58577-evernote-for-windows-540-rc/
  4. Thanks Jeff for reply, I see something new: note template. Any idea how to create one? .. .. .. Wait, i found that. Export a note as ENEX file, and use file explorer to open that file when create a new note. HY Tee
  5. Hi EN Team, I would like to request this feature. We already have the ability to choose default font in option, but how about color? This will be nice to have. As I work with A LOT of snapshot of documents ( black color font, of course) so default color change can be helpful to diffrerent out note and snapshot. Thanks, HY Tee
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