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  1. Same here... Win 8.1 EN User with 2-factor authentication. reported same issue faced as above Edit: Roll back to build 3593 seems to solve the problem... https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/58577-evernote-for-windows-540-rc/
  2. Thanks Jeff for reply, I see something new: note template. Any idea how to create one? .. .. .. Wait, i found that. Export a note as ENEX file, and use file explorer to open that file when create a new note. HY Tee
  3. Hi EN Team, I would like to request this feature. We already have the ability to choose default font in option, but how about color? This will be nice to have. As I work with A LOT of snapshot of documents ( black color font, of course) so default color change can be helpful to diffrerent out note and snapshot. Thanks, HY Tee
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