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  1. I'd like to see an option to hide the green "new note" button in the sidebar. It seems redundant for users who use the keyboard shortcut to create a new note.
  2. Another vote for this. The huge titles are annoying.
  3. I uninstalled Evernote using AppCleaner as recommended. I then reinstalled Evernote 7.1 and set everything up again. Unfortunately the images are still not showing even though they are present on the web version. If I make a change to an individual article on the web version, the images do show up for that article on the Mac version. It's very strange. Are there any other troubleshooting steps I can try?
  4. Thanks again for your suggestion. I tried the above but unfortunately the images are still missing. They are still present on the web version. Does the app need to be deleted and re-installed after rebuilding the database?
  5. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried making a change to one article on the web version and the images appeared on the Mac version. Do you know if there's a way to do this with multiple notes at once?
  6. Is it normal for images to be missing from clipped articles in 7.1? The images are still present on the web version, but they are not displaying properly on the Mac version. Is this a known bug?
  7. Is it normal for image files to be missing from clipped articles in 7.1? The images are still present in the web version but missing from 7.1.
  8. Regular articles are not wrapping properly...
  9. Simplified article format is messed up. Titles are massive.
  10. When will this fix be released as a stable GA release? This thread contains numerous reports of other bugs and data loss, which makes things even worse. It's so incredibly frustrating that after 3 months this bug still hasn't been fixed in a stable GA release.
  11. Still no updates on the "blank note list" bug that has been present for over 3 months now. No mention of this issue in any of the release notes.
  12. That's been my experience with Evernote. The developers ignore most of the posts in the feedback forums.
  13. Fully agree with this. I wouldn't recommend updating to 7.x currently because there are too many bugs.
  14. There are reports of data loss in this beta so that doesn't really help. It's frustrating to be a premium customer and not even have the note list work properly. Instead new "features" are being worked on over fixing existing bugs. This application is slowly going downhill.
  15. It's hard to believe this bug still hasn't been fixed almost 3 months later.
  16. Completely agree with this post. Note list has been broken for almost 3 months now. Can't empty the trash or process an "inbox" notebook to zero without the note list going entirely blank. Developers can't even type out a full list of release notes for each new beta or GA release.
  17. Thanks for reporting your experience so far. I'd really like to see something in the release notes about this. I mean the bug has been present for over 2 months now. If the note list is fixed...why would it not be listed in the release notes?
  18. So still no fix for the blank note list glitch?
  19. I have run into this bug lately as well. Super annoying. Of course new features take priority over existing bugs so I'm sure a fix will be rolled out in 3+ months.
  20. Did you even bother to read this thread? "Most likely within the first week of May, but no promises. It really depends in a number of factors from implementing fixes, features and getting QA sign off." That is not a confirmation that the issue has been fixed. For over 2 months now this bug has been a work in progress. Maybe next time you should try reading the thread before posting and trying to be sarcastic.
  21. The note list has been broken for over 2 months now. How is this not a top priority on the list of outstanding bugs?
  22. Can we get an update on when a fix will be available for the "blank note list" glitch. Honestly it's very disappointing that the note list has been broken for 2 months now. Version 7.0 was released on Feb. 16th. It's now April 16th and the note list is still broken...
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