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  1. You'd have to use a 3rd party app. https://www.extractext.com is a great one. You basically pass your notes through it and it sets a reminder and forwards the rest onto Evernote. It also does it's own OCR, and integrates with Dropbox and Kindle as well. (SMS alerts too)
  2. There is a new service that integrates with Evernote and has reminders. https://www.extractext.com It allows you to send an image or pdf attachment, then performs it's own OCR and sends back a searchable pdf along with the extracted text. You just set a reminder time in the email body, and then what services you want integrated in your account. It will send sms alerts, deliver the document at a set time to your Kindle if you want, and forward to Evernote with notebook, tags, and all. They have a free plan that allows allow a few uses per week, but the unlimited plans are really reasonable. Definitely recommend this web app.
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