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  1. I got this note back from EVERNOTE SUPPORT: We are sorry for any confusion in regards with your issue using your iPad. [They originally sent me a form email saying to reinstall windows.] Unfortunately, the iPad employs a security feature called sandboxing which essentially "boxes" one app from another on an iOS device. What that means is that when you activate the "Open In" feature, it copies the PDF from Evernote to (in this case) your PDF reader and then any changes to that PDF are now made to that version of the file. You can sync it via a number of methods, but the version in your Evernote will remain unchanged until you replace it manually. This is not exclusive to Evernote, the same holds true for essentially for all apps on iOS devices. We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause.
  2. In Evernote Windows, I have a folder called PDFs where each note holds a PDF. I can go to the note in Windows Evernote, open the PDF, edit it (for example, highlighting or comments) and when I close it, the edited PDF is inside EVERNOTE. I can also replicate the same folder on IPAD. The IPAD EVERNOTE File.PDF will open by default in the IPAD PDF READER which cannot edit. However, I can reopen it in an IPAD PDF EDITOR and make highlights. PROBLEM: However, the highlights will be stored in a new hidden file somewhere and will not change or update the real original file.PDF file inside EVERNOTE. QUESTION: Is there a known PDF editor on an IPAD that will make the edits (highlights) in the EVERNOTE PDF file so they will SYNC? Easily? Like in Windows?
  3. I tried using tags and found I was just as happy with adding the letter z before a key word. For example, the name Williams occurs in many news articles and so on, but zWilliams is always my client Williams. This also lets you tag things without cluttering up your tag list and making it dozens of entries long. Anyway, it works for me. And searching for zWilliams instantly creates the equivalent of a folder for the Williams company. g I think Lisbeth's point is well taken though. What works well for a couple years - even a good tag method - after 5 or 10 or 12 years, you would have an awful lot of stuff. I suppose I could use a tag like zTEMP and then every six months delete everything older than a couple months that has the word zTemp in it.
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