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  1. Just downloaded your Mac client and used it to encrypt a few PDF notes. I immediately went to buy the iOS client. I can happily say that your tool has stopped me leaving Evernote.
  2. Any update on clipping on secondary monitors? - Running Skitch Version 2.7 (263181) - Software OS X 10.9 (13A603) Cheers,Chris
  3. Just heard, via Twitter, from Officedrop that they are waiting for some info from Evernote and will then release a new build (which may take a while since it's App Store). https://twitter.com/officedrop/status/323780580850413568
  4. I suspect it's an Officedrop issue (hence I opened a support issue with them). It was working fine for over a year with their prior version. It's just started failing with their recent update.
  5. On one hand I'm pleased that I'm not the only one and therefore am not imagining this problem. But on the other I'm annoyed that it's an issue! I put a support call to Officedrop Support literally a few minutes after I'd updated in the App Store and found the issue. Apart from a few "have you updated your password due to the recent password hack" comments I've had no update. Bit disappointed. If it is a general issue some better communication would be helpful.
  6. Did you ever get an solution to this? I've got exactly the same issue and need to print a merged note PDF (10 notes) into a single PDF. I'm finding that printing to PDF does separate PDFs. Cheers Ferg
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