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  1. This is my biggest frustration with Evernote. I often want to have a thumbnail act as a reminder of the content of the Note to trigger my recognition of the Note while in the application AND to help me remember mentally. In the Note I might want to have other images - screen clips of graphs etc... So Evernote then uses that as the thumbnail and defeats me. Personal Brain is a nice example of a tool that allows you to pick your own thumbnail while attaching documents and images with arbitrary detail. By the way, I also don't like that Evernote Android shows an iconised loudspeaker if the Note contains an audio clip rather than a thumbnail of any image that is embedded. Then you have a ton of indistinguishable snippets. Again, I'd rather have control over the icon.
  2. I'm just here to moan about the grid view. I have a tonne of evernotes that all show a thumbnail in the snippet view on my mobile phone. But on the nexus 7 tablet, the grid view often just display text... What is the logic behind when and how a thumbnail is displayed in the grid view?
  3. I too would really like to know what the logic behind thumbnails is. I go to great lengths to clip an image to accompany the entries I make in Evernote. On my Samsung Galaxy S2 I always get a thumbnail. I now have a Nexus 7. Often, I get only text for a snippet in the tablet grid view. For me, the experience is dramatically reduced.
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