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  1. Hi gazumped, thanks for your response. I'm using the client app installed on my office PC. I'm sure that we can use keyboard and mouse clicks to logoff the program. However, it needs at least two operations, and sometimes it's easy to forget to do so. When you close the client app, it's just hiding in the right-bottom Notification Area, isn't it. There is a function about running evernote client in debug mode by 'evernote /debugmenu' in command line. So I'm wondering if there is 'evernote /logoff' in command line existed. On the other hand, I'd like to suggest to add a new feature in the option window of the Evernote win client, which allows user to set automatically logoff mode on/off. So when a user closes the client app or shuts down it, the user account will be logged off as well.
  2. Hi, Currently, I'm often use Evernote on my office PC. What I want is to logoff my evernote account automatically when I close the program. BTW, I tried the login without 'stay signed in' option. It looks inconvenient for me, because I need re-type the password every time when it need to sync. May I ask a coupe of questions about evernote logoff and shot down as below: 1) Is it a way to logoff Evernote via command line?for example, "evernote /logoff". So, maybe I can create a new shortcut with the '/logoff' argument, when I leave the office, I only need to click it once. 2) Is it possible to add a new feature in the option window of the Evernote, which is to set automatically logoff when the program is closing.
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