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  1. Jeff, Thanks for the reply. I tried it again today and it seems to have worked fine. Yesterday when I was trying it wouldn't open any of the attachments. Perhaps just a glitch or likely, user error. ;-D As for the forum, I figured they were working on it, and assumed it wasn't their product development. It was a bit more of a side note because I hate having people post the same questions a hundred times on a forum when it has been asked and answered so I try to avoid doing it as much as possible. So I normally search for my question first as much as possible. Thanks for the heads up though.
  2. Hey all, So I have been using EN for a little bit and starting to really play with my organization using note titles, tags, and notebooks and I am trying to figure out how EN treats notebooks on a PC/mac. If I open up EN and sync all my notes to my PC or mac and then go somewhere without internet do I have access to all my notes and their attachments? From what I can tell from my testing I have all the headers but can't pull up the content and definitely not any attachments. I travel a lot and would like to be able to work with my notes while travelling but as far as I can tell I only have limited access to the note content. Is this an expected behavior for EN or an error in my setup. And if it is expected, can I take a notebook and make it "offline" (on a mac or pc) like you can in the mobile versions of EN? I hope this hasn't been already asked as it seems like a easy/common question, but my searching on the forums turned up nothing. On a side note I do find it interesting that the forum for a company whose software is built around amazing search capability has such rough search functionality in their forum. Thanks in advance!
  3. JBenson, Could you point me to some info about the parent-child format? And how do you use the 3 character prefixes? As a sorting function?
  4. Unfortunately I am new to EN and the forums and missed the webinar, sounds like it would have been great to see. Seem like some great points. What you referring to with "bar code everything"? Thanks Jason
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