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  1. Since I had just replaced an all-in-one and a laser printer when they came out with the print feature, I have never been able to print from iPhone or iPad. What I do is sync, then go to the MacBook or windows pc, and I print from there. Not as convenient, but it goes work.
  2. I have my "all notes" arranged alphabetically. The new Evernote doesn't have the old alphabet on the right side when viewing all notes. I used to bump into the general area I wanted to browse this way. How can I do they now? Must I scroll through all my notes, starting at "A"? I tried the search at the top, but that doesn't do what I want. Anybody know how to get to a certain alphabetical section quickly? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the input. Before I read your reply, I decided my Evernote in MacBook was messed up, so I rebooted the computer. Voila! It's back to letting me make notes. Somehow it didn't have my cycle correctly. It's all a little confusing to me, but I love having it, since I was a Palm user, and I'm used to taking notes on my phone/device. The iPhone notes are so ridiculously inadequate. Thank goodness for Evernote!
  4. Help! I was up to my maximum free usage this month, and it wouldn't let me enter new data yesterday on my iphone or my MacBook Evernote. Today, the iphone will let me enter notes, but the MacBook says I'm over my usage and wants me to upgrade to premium. I rarely use the maximum, and I only did so this month, because I linked PlaceMe to Evernote, which posted a detailed note with maps everyday. I unlinked it and deleted the notes. I won't have that problem again, but now I can't post into my MacBook Evernote. I don't want to use the iphone, because it doesn't have the fonts I want to use for the note. Could someone help me?
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