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  1. A massive +1 for this feature request from my side. I'm a premium user since years, but really about to let my subscription run out end of the current period. Why? Because writing, styling and editing notes is broken. Browsing my notes, which come from various devices and sources is a visual mess! I am designer and programmer, therefore I'm sensitive about that. But I don't have much demand of Evernote styling my notes at all. I just want simple markup: defining headlines, bold, italic, bullet point lists, quotes, preformatted code. That's about it. And I would like to be able doing this from any device in a consistent matter. The method of manually selecting a larger font size for headlines does not make sense (let alone I can't even select e.g. 20pt on all devices!). I just want to say it's a H1 (or a #). I'm aware: we demanding this are probably not the average Evernote user. But we are the ones caring. Don't let the geeky early adopters run away to the competitors. You know they are the ones that made you what you are today. Thanks for listening.
  2. +1 totally necesarry when you want to use evernote as announced (Capture anything. Access anywhere.). all avaliable workarounds (local notebooks, several accounts) are not really satisfying, especially for premium customers. looking forward to selective syncing.
  3. In the following I'm not only addressing the browser extensions, but also take into account Javascript bookmarklet solutions. I hope it's the right forum for both. Clipping websites takes too long! Especially on mobile devices with bookmarklets and sometimes weak connections, it's simply a pain. You click, it takes ages to load. You can't change the tab because the clipper closes when you do so (Chrome on Windows with Extension, Safari on iOS with bookmarklet). The browser extensions are getting slower than faster, by introducing features like tag detection (which I switched off immediately). The best "clipping" service I've seen so far is from the Read it Later service "Pocket". You only have to make one click and everything is stored. Optionally you can set tags after that. An approach like this would make things much easier and faster (works very fast, also on iOS browsers with weak connections) Of course there's the thing with the clipping area which you'd have to set. My suggestion herer would be: if something is selected, clip selected area if nothing is selected either clip (default changeable in the settings) URL whole website article (if detected) Give the pocket clipping a try, and you'll see that the en clipping unfortunately feels very oldschool and slow. Of course the service behind is a different one - and that's exactly why I'd love to see my favorite service with the best solution out there. As the EN community can be a little bit conservative sometimes it might be an idea to make this a seperate extension/bookmarklet code. Is this request somehow realistic at all? Any thoughts? Best, philipp
  4. Thanks for your feedback. Of course I'm depicting a big picture in the first post, taking into account the long term development and the tendency for more and more professional, beautiful and easy to use applications. For now I would be totally satisfied when the Windows Client would have the same four style presets as the iOS app. (instead of all fonts and almost all sizes (except the ones we'd need for consistency ) Also the reference to the stylesheet principle was only made to make the idea more clear, and not a suggestion how to implement it technically. That's quite out of my range By the way GrumpyMonkey, your article about non organized organization was my kickoff for using Evernote intensely - thanks a lot for the inspiration!
  5. Yep, I would also use it a lot. Also for hiding large (portrait!) images and PDFs.
  6. Hey there, I didn't find any posts which go into details on that, so I'd like to start this request more serious. I'm quite new to Evernote (~1 year of little usage, and subscribed power user since two months now), and I'm using it currently on Windows and iPad. I'm very aware of the fact that EN is not supposed to be a word processor, and that's exactly why the following suggestion would IMO make a lot of sense. The approaches on the two platforms I'm using regarding the typography are very different: iOS has some predefined styles ("Section", "Subsection", "Paragraph", "Blockquote") while the Windows version allows a lot of styling options (who needs that in that detail?). I guess the fact that you can't chose the same styling in Windows like in iOS (in iOS a heading 1 is 20pt while in Win you can only chose 18 or 24pt) has been pointed very often out and should be fixed of course. But maybe there's a better option after all. I would appreciate very much the standpoint that you do not want to style every note individually, but better want predefined paragraph styles like the iOS app has a glimpse of it. But, as user's tastes are individual it would be very nice to be able to define the style you use, similar to the web stylesheets (css). To make the content more independent from the styling, and that you don't have too many choices/options when writing something down, but still you can have your predefined sets of styles. Ideally this should be solved once across all plattforms. The main thoughts during working led to this suggestion: I don't like Tahoma, and I don't want to change it in every note. I just need basic heading1, heading2, paragraph and blockquote styles, but identical and quickly applicable on all platforms please. self defined styles like e.g. the possibility to create a "code" parapgraph with monospaced fonts would be the cherry on top (of course other usertypes can think of other examples) I think a step like that would underline Evernote's principles very well and make it more efficient and beautiful. Would you agree? Thanks for listening, Philipp
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