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  1. On Google Play, search for an app called "WriteNote". It might just be the app you are looking for.
  2. just downloaded and test. YES~! the bug is GONE~! Thank you very much~! Anyone else, please test and feedback~~!
  3. btw, can anyone or mod help add a [bUG] tag for this topic? I found out that editing using only 1 platform works. Either you edit using only the Android or only the windows. Anyone here using a Mac care to test if this bug present in Mac-Android environment? If Mac-Android doesnt have this bug, it means it only live in Windows-Android. So both platforms need to be check for incompatibility.
  4. Hi Guys~! I have some free time today, so i made a test. Following the step by step from the OP, i am able to reproduce the bug. So, the bug is still there & the recent update has not neutralized yet. I APOLOGIZED for the excited confusion on my earlier post. Just wanna confirm IF the bug is gone so i can use Evernote without any doubt/phobia of data lost. Thank you~! looking forward for the next update. :-)
  5. Hey guys! There's a beta update released today. And it seems the bug has been neutralized. Canreleased anyone confirm?
  6. so? is this an acknowledge bug? and is this going to be addressed soon enough?? or Evernote staff consider this as a minor bug and can be ignored????
  7. xdelplanque, How about this bug? Issit high in the priority list of to do? issit going to be resolve soon? I dont dare to add data to my "unsupported format" notes because of this.
  8. A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO GOLLYJER~! Your extensive and detail report will greatly help all of us here. =) And thanks to CORBAN for submitting a ticket. =D I hope the dev take this seriously and iron out the bugs asap. I purchase the premium in hopes that evernote replaced my other notetaking apps. Reading a lot of good reviews and use cases for a very long time before i made my decision. And, i expect it to work out all the time. I understand software has bugs here and there but the note format & editing are THE CORE function of a note taking app. At the very least, people shouldnt lose their data. Thanks for reading my complains, i just feel a bit frustrated.
  9. Has anyone faced this bug? anyway to overcome? Have this bug fixed? I am little confuse on why no one respond to this. Is this not so important to everyone?
  10. This bug is still present on the latest beta. I hope this can be address asap. Thank you~!
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