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  1. I agree. It seems obvious that if people can make Evernote folders public, then there should be some way to search through the world's public Evernote offerings. Sort of like a Wattpad of Evernote. It would be excellent, because the difference between writing and publishing to the world would then be one click. Regarding Evernote's public files being non-discoverable by Google, for privacy reasons - that doesn't make sense, if the user has made the folders public. Perhaps there could be an option, where people can choose whether their public folders are visible to search engines.
  2. Thanks for that Smore link, it looks good. I like the interface a lot, it's simple. I've signed up and am giving them a whirl. I posted a short story there: http://www.smore.com/tm6j and will keep an eye on it, to see where it travels, if anywhere.
  3. Is it possible to get any sort of stats on visitors to a public folder?
  4. Thanks, that would be great I'm about to have a trawl through your list...
  5. I've started an experiment with a public folder, shared with the world, at https://www.evernote.com/pub/dminoz/theapocalypseofhephaestusI intend to post chapters of a novel that I am working on (The Apocalypse of Hephaestus), so it is essentially serialized on Evernote. So my questions are: Has anyone tried anything similar, and with what results, feedback, readership, etc? And also, what would be some good ways to promote the project, and to get the word out? Does anyone have any advice re using Evernote as a platform for writing / fiction? Thanks, David philobiblion.com.au
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