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  1. I don't know if Evernote even pays attention to these forums, but I would like to start a thread here anyway! Evernote Product Development Team: Can you please evaluate updating the Evernote Windows OS Software Interface? It is horrendous and EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. I don't know who designed it, but the controls are way to "touchy" and not well defined. Everytime I try to navigate through it, i end up grabbing a note or a folder and dragging it somewhere i didn't want it to go and there is no "undo" feature. Every since you introduced the "stacks" feature, it is even worse. I try to scroll the list of notebooks and if you are slightly off by a pixel, or your mouse doesnt scroll perfect straight up and down, it will cause you to grab a folder and drop it onto another folder and then it creates a stack. And on the theme of stacks - please read all the other posts..... get rid of it or give us a feature to turn it off. It is annoying and useless. What's the point of having a stack if it doesn't sync across my devices and shares??? Work on a proper folder structure rather than giving us a half-hearted poor attempt at that feature. So last request - PLEASE look at redoing the user interface for Windows. It is extremely user unfriendly. Thanks, Dave
  2. Here we are and 2 years later this still hasn't been fixed. Basically, every time there is an Evernote update (which is becoming often), it wipes out the pinning to the task bar. I am getting sick and tired of having to re-pin and replace the icon on my Desktop. Evernote - get it together!
  3. WTH is going on with Evernote? i have been unable to sync for several days due to an "unexpected server side error". My account is in good standing and my passwords are correct. I can log into the web and make updates but sync fails across ALL my devices - tablet, windows, phone, etc. WORST OF ALL, I AM LOSING DATA. Every time it attempts to sync it wipes out any updates i've made to existing notes. I have seen this problem posted in various forums, threads, etc. EVERNOTE - What is going on?! This is unacceptable - this is the core of your business model, and as a paying customer, i expect to NEVER lose data. I am extremely unhappy and upset with losing data due to your service.
  4. Just adding to this thread. On the Moto Razr Maxx and have the same problem when doing recordings. I am also getting the "USB plugged in" message and can't remove it. Would be nice to see a response back from Evernote on when this will be fixed. Looks like its been a problem for months now.... pretty unacceptable if you ask me.....
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