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  1. lusrmgr.msc shows no users. "Computer is under management of XP Home Edition, so this applet won't work" usrmgr.msc is absent on my computer (afair it is present on XP ≥ Professional) compmgmt.msc (that you specified) has nothing related to users. this is oem win xp home edition on my personal (not office) laptop. and i am the only admin of this computer (i know, it's lame to be logged in under administrative account everyday, but... you know) the only thing works here is nusrmgr.cpl that lists two users: me and guest (never logged in with guest in my life). ------------------------------------ there is no answer behind your sig. i followed troubleshooter wizard and it suggested me to submit a ticket (16051-113744) instead of description i posted url of current discussion. may be bad, but here's all history of the situation. thank you! p.s. i'm on free version, thus all my content is on the server, not local databases. i see everything clearly via web or android.
  2. hi, gazumped! thank you for the answer! both tools fixed some garbage in winxp, not quite related to evernote (and both find fresh garbage every 5 minutes ). and neither of them cured the problem. the message from Evernote_4.5.7.7146.exe still reads: --------------------------- Программа установки Evernote --------------------------- Evernote был установлен другим пользователем. Поддерживается только однопользовательская установка. Системный администратор может установить Evernote для всех пользователей после того, как однопользовательская установка будет удалена. --------------------------- ОК --------------------------- that is: --Software for Evernote installation-- Evernote was installed by another user. Only single-user installation is supported. System administrator can install Evernote for all users after single-user installation is uninstalled. excuse me for russian, but pc vendor forced me to buy russian OEM without opportunity to buy pan-euro or english version of windoze. therefore i cannot suppose what actual english text precisely is. i can only translate it from localised version of the message.
  3. Salut all! My Evernote started to remind me constantly about update of the software (for two or three months), but always failed to do that because C:\Temp\ has no evernote.msi file, required for some reason... Uninstallation was unsuccessful as well, by the same reason. Therefore I deleted C:\Program Files\Evernote manually and chased and deleted all "evernote", "enapi" keywords from the system registry. Now, Evernote_4.5.7.7146.exe says that Evernote was installed by another user, and admin can install it only after single user installation is deinstalled. I am the only actual admin of my very personal laptop. I have Win XP SP3 Home, and I don't use it in any office environment. My WinXP is a standalone installation. What can I do to reinstall Evernote? Thank you in advance!
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