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  1. Hey Gavin, I've been trying to contact postach.io support for the past month or so but it looks like I might get more answers in this thread than from twitter. I really love Postach.io but if I am paying for the annual plan, pricier than a couple other blogging platforms, I expect to get some better customer service than what I've been experiencing. Has the team looked into HTTPS and some more secure payment systems? The interface when I used it last was very jenky and it doesn't seem like it has changed. It says that my plan started in January event though I paid in March, so shouldn't it say that my plan started in March? There's also some issues with the instagram embeds. I use the short code for it and the image doesn't appear at all. The feature is very buggy and doesn't seem thoroughly tested. I hope you guys can look into this as well. Thanks so much.
  2. I find it really strange that deleting a notebook isn't an item in the top nav menu (on OSX desktop app). Ah well
  3. Yes, easy, go to settings on your dashboard and check the box for 'Show post excerpt'. Hope that helps Thanks so much!
  4. I'm not sure if this is the best place to post.. Is there a way to trim a post so a user can click read more, which would go to the actual post in Postachio? I know it can be done in Wordpress.
  5. Hmm. okay. Yeah I know that putting a space after it doesn't create the hyperlink. I wish we could customize some settings. Oh well, thanks for the reply.
  6. When I am typing up a note and type '//' I get the default blue underline hyperlink style. How do I get rid of this default? It's really annoying because I use it to comment code when typing notes for my CS classes. I could not find any search results on how to fix this. If anyone knows how to fix this, I'd greatly appreciate it Also, does anyone have issues with the Increase/decrease font size shortcuts? Maybe it's just my laptop overrides those shortcuts..
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