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  1. I record lots of meetings and conference calls as I often need to send out minutes/notes and my meetings have lots of technical details. One challenge I run into is when I can't quite catch what someone said and need to replay it. When using the slider to move back in the audio, it is very difficult to go back a few seconds in the audio. It would help me tremendously if a button was added to the audio player that would go back a few seconds in the audio. I am not sure what the right amount of time would be -- probably 5 or 10 seconds. If I need to go back 30 seconds, I could just hit the button multiple times. I am specifically talking about the iOS version in this case, but I would benefit from this being on the built-in audio player on the windows version also. In Windows I have more options because I could open it in a different player, but of course this would be an extra step. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to have one button that moves forward and one that moves backwards. Perhaps call them "Skip" buttons.
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