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  1. Ding-ding-ding etc. It's the app Small Brother Lite. I installed it because Evernote, as far as I know, doesn't have a reminder feature and I read somewhere that Small Brother should be able to "connect" with Evernote and activate reminders. Doesn't look like the case though (well, it has a reminder feature but it seems like it's for other purposes than reminding about notes in Evernote). And in its settings it has a topic called "Evernote - choose types of events you want to upload to evernote application". The options are: Call, sms, images, audio and video. I unchecked all of them and it works as intended
  2. Got a reply from Samsung. The supporter said that it's not normal behavior that the phone is transferring phone call summaries to other apps (he didn't mention the text issue). He suggested to uninstall/reinstall Evernote, and if that didn't work a factory reset. It didn't help to reinstall Evernote, but with the factory reset the issue disappeared. I've had a glance at the settings and everything looks the same so I don't know for sure what caused the problems, but I've had a theory for some time now: The same day I installed Evernote I also installed a handful of other note-taking apps etc (for testing purposes), and maybe one of those apps interfered with other apps or the system. Now that the phone is clean, I'm going to reinstall the apps again, but between each reinstall I'm going to test if the newest app is messing things up. I'll let you know if I discover something.
  3. Thanks. No luck with changing the password and resetting the email. Earlier today I send an email to Samsung, I'll let you all know what they have to say when I hear back.
  4. deanouellette/gazumped: Thanks for the tips. No, I don't have an IFTTT account. But I like their About page url (ifttt.com/wtf), very unpretentious, heh. I realized that "standard apps on Android 4" was an imprecise description, forgot about the Samsung desktop/apps (TouchWiz). For texts I use the app installed when I got the phone about a week ago. It's just called Messaging. A bit of googling tells me it's part of TouchWiz. When I checked the sync options in the main settings, I also checked if Messaging and the Phone app is setup to sync or forward anything and it doesn't look like it's the case.
  5. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've looked under the sync settings, and it looks like everything is set to off except for Gmail. I've even tried to set Gmail to off temporarily with the same result. I'll try to ask Samsung support.
  6. I've just got Evernote for Android (free account, so far) and have noticed, that every time I send or receive a text message it gets uploaded to Evernote on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S II) as a note. Also, every time I make or receive a phone call, a summary is uploaded to Evernote. I'm using the standard apps on Android 4. Is this normal? And if so, can I disable that function? I've looked at the support site and searched the forum, but didn't find anything that looked like a possible solution... Thanks. EDIT: I realized that "standard apps on Android 4" was an imprecise description, forgot about the Samsung desktop/apps (TouchWiz). For texts and calls I use the apps installed when I got the phone about a week ago, a bit of googling tells me they're both part of TouchWiz.
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