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  1. Taking this kind of hard line approach then means all the marketing that Evernote has been putting out over the last two years, about building a future together, recognising that their loyal customers have been trusting them to improve and so on, has only been a marketing gimmick to keep people paying while they rebuild. If that's the case, then sure, I've been played and you're a much tougher ***** than me. But I kind of don't completely buy it, Evernote does seem to be a company that listenes to its customers, wants to create a company that's useful for decades into the futures, and I would like to believe, cares about the loyalty of its customers. But the new pricing structure/lack of reward doesn't show that at all.
  2. @PinkElephant The temporary upgrade could be an option, let people know that it will return afterwards so they can make that choice about building a workflow around it, could make it a shorter time, whatever. In any case, I would have appreciated some kind reward for being a loyal customer for so many years. That just seems like that good customer management.
  3. I've been paying for EN for 10+ years, and this has been a kick in the teeth. I hung onto Evernote because I believed in the direction it was going in. I was excited about the new features and wanted to see the great new product it was to become. Alas it seems my loyalty hasn't been of any value. I would have liked to have seen all premium and plus users put onto the professional plan for 12 months and then after that perhaps placed back to their original plan with the option to upgrade, or something like that. I would have thought our loyalty was worth rewarding to some degree.
  4. I've also found a bug. When I create a new note, I can't change the notebook it's in. I might select another one but it doesn't change. Closing the new note and changing it through another way works though.
  5. Hi, so far everything is working for me. Although I really wish the tags and notebooks in the left panel were more spaced out, above and below each other. They look super cramped.
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