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  1. When I save a scan through the app to EN - all my business notebooks appear twice. Anyone else have this issue. Just noticed 2 days ago.
  2. @DTLow ok - so unless the file name will be the same I need to run inside Hazel. I have Hazel renaming the file name with current date on the front end.
  3. @DTLow ah. It's executing from  script editor which I have referenced in Hazel. After embedding the script in Hazel it works as expected. which is better to run inside or outside of Hazel?
  4. My goal - use Hazel to move pdf to amex notebook in EN. I am getting an error when copy and pasting these exact scripts. Screen shots attached. Error reads: The variable theFile is not defined. EN is open. Notebook matches EN exactly. Any help is appreciated!
  5. At first thought this was a feature:) Experiencing the same issue. I found crankygeologist workaround very helpful. Looking forward to a fix from our EN pals!
  6. UPDATE: Now it works... Weird. Dragged and dropped from finder to icon and note magically appeared. Now I'm thinking it may be inconsistently working... this used to be a feature in past versions. Not sure where it went away, but I recently upgraded to a MBPr running Mountain Lion 10.8.1 and cannot drag and drop onto EN icon in dock to create new note in default notebook. Where has this feature gone?
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