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  1. Hi again GM, <<One thing to note: all of your Evernote files are easily searchable from outside of Evernote. You can use Spotlight (I prefer HoudahSpot) to find anything anytime. I believe the Evernote folders contain HTML (web page) versions of every note, so you can easily open and read the content (they are all coincidentally labeled "content" regardless of the note titles) without using the Evernote client.>> This is great to know. Where do I find the location where they are in a folder? And HoudahSpot sounds intriguing. May I ask why you like it better than Spotlight? Thanks again for your time and your help! Kathy
  2. Hi GM! Thanks for the help. I don't think I was clear enough in my question, now that I see your reply. Or maybe I'm confused. I already do all kinds of back-up on my Mac for my regular files. I have a 1T external hard drive and I use Time Machine religiously. I also use BackBlaze for off-site backup of my files. My understanding, from talking with the Evernote folks is that while I have the Evernote software on my Mac, and I can see my files while using the software, there's no place where those files "live" on my Mac in an independent folder somewhere. So if something happens to Evernote Web version or to my Evernote application, where are my files? Do they exist? Thanks so much for your help for this newbie! Kathy
  3. I want to be able to make sure my Evernote files are on my hard drive in some additional place, aside from Evernote on my Mac, in case Evernote ever goes belly-up. I asked about this on a help ticket and got this response: You can use your desktop apps while being offline, however you do need to use Evernote to see your documents. If you sync them, you can always see them on our WebClient too. You could also (as a backup) put them in a compressed file and add a password to that file. This requires 3rd party tools and has nothing to do with Evernote. Looks like backing up to a compressed file is the way to go. (Unless someone has a better option?) I'd love to know what folks are using to back up the files, since it's not something you can do with the Evernote software, apparently. Thanks! Kathy P.S. A broader question... Just how concerned about this do we need to be? I know many of us are scanning documents to Evernote and then shredding the hard copy. I see that mentioned on a lot of productivity/organization blogs. I love the idea of an almost-paperless office, but I don't want to lose my data.
  4. I was able to open in Preview and then rotate the image. Thanks so much for the response! Really appreciate it.
  5. Hi all -- I'm a new Evernote user and I'm totally drinking the Kool-Aid on this great app. I just can't seem to find the answer to one question: Some of my uploaded images aren't oriented correctly. Is it possible to turn an image to the proper orientation, like you can with a photo in iPhoto? Hope so. Thanks for your help! Kathy
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