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  1. When I want to send multiple photos from Photos into Evernote, I create the selection (repeatedly hitting Command-click) then on the sharing icon, I'll select "Save to Evernote". Evernote creates the note, but all the pictures are in random order. Contrast this with Word (e.g.) where it preserves the order of selection.
  2. See this thread: http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/29167-on-mac-pdf-to-evernote-is-broken/ The button is broken for me.
  3. There must be some weird cookie thing going on. I click on the button and absolutely nothing happens. This happens on multiple browsers.
  4. GrumpyMonkey, Thank you for the response. Looks like it will work. I do have to ask, however. Why would Evernote even want to publish an AppStore version if it is crippled compared to the "real" version? It's awfully confusing for the unsuspecting user. Cheers. edit: The "Get Evernote for Mac" button is broken on http://evernote.com/evernote/ unimpressed.
  5. On any PDF file, if I use the "Print..." function, then go to the PDF drop down and try to save to Evernote, it looks like it's working, but I can't find the PDF in Evernote.
  6. In the main UI, the preview pane does not change as I scroll through the notes. Also, when I right click on a note and say "view in new window" nothing happens. The app just seems broken.
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