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  1. Bingo! I replaced the the database exb with the one from the other Windows machine and it gives now the correct upload space available. Conclusion the information is in the database and not synced correctly online with the other devices. Bug?
  2. @BNF yes i executed all the tips in this discussion but nothing seems to correct this problem. I did a little experiment today. I backupped the exb database uninstalled EN and cleared everything related to EN on this machine also trash etc. Then i reinstalled EN as i was adding a new device to my account. After the system started to synchronize i stopped EN and replaced the new exb database with the original one (almost 8Gb). Guess what? Still reached upload limit. To me there are 2 options, or the upload information is in this database or EN keeps track online per device how much is uploaded
  3. I'm puzzled by the same problem, at the moment online EN show 250 MB upload allowance, one laptop with Windows show the same, one other laptop says upload allowance is reached and i cannot add any more notes. But strangely enough i still can add notes via web and the other machine. Re syncing doesn't help. Neither reinstalling the windows client. The problem occured after uploading a lot of bigger notes (40Mb each total 500 Mb starting at 200 Mb ending at around 700 Mb only one laptop thinks it's more than 1Gb) I don't understand why the client doesn't correct this failure because EN states on
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