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  1. Thank you, Cat, I closed the issue yesterday exactly in the same way%-)
  2. Hi everyone! Unable to run Evernote app on Mac hard drive from now on. This is the description of the issue in detail: So far Evernote is present in my Applications folder as a grey icon under a crossed circle. Every time I click it I get: "You can't open the application Evernote because it may be damaged or incomplete." Actions Background: The usual Evernote pop out window informed me about an upgrade. I clicked "Install upon quit" button. Now I've got to tell you about another program installed on my computer. This prog deletes all files linked to applications which I choose to delete from time to time. I need this program cause I don't want to leave rubbish files after a program is deleted from the Applications folder. You know, without this special prog you can't delete all files of programs which you don't need anymore. Here's the reason why I told you about that prog of mine: Before the computer switched off I noticed a standard offer from the prog which asked if I was going to delete all files linked "to the program which I'm going to delete". I chose to leave extra files. Now I have no doubts that the pop up window told me about Evernote. When happened: Noticed, after I turned on my Mac. EN upgrades have already upset me before. For example, once, about a year ago, I had to be running two EN apps simultaneously, one of which got a number after I installed that upgrade and it all went on until I deleted one of the parallel apps manually. But usually the unactivated icon in my App folders turned into the green one without problems. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, Evernote! Is it possible to use Evernote only on-line, without using my hard drive? I see I can create notes on your evernote.com site by typing a phrase. But I seem to fail to clip a piece of a text (for example, to clip a paragraph from this forum) without the necessity to open my Evernote application which lives in my Mac. I tried to clip with a clipping client on Mozilla Nightly and when I pushed the elephant in the right upper corner of my FireFox brouser, my Evernote local application would automatically launched. Before my clipping attempts I had left my local Evernote application. My OS is Mac 10.6.8.
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