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  1. Thanks. Yeah, it was the correct Web Clipper version I had, but your solution worked. Great stuff, cheers for your swift reply.
  2. Hey - I've trawled the forum here and haven't found anything that covers my problem, hence I'm starting afresh. I gather that Evernote Web Clipper should be compatible, as of a few days ago, with Firefox 13. Well, I've just tried to install the add-on for the first time and it doesn't even show up on my browser anywhere. I'm pretty tech savvy and I don't think I'm doing anything ridiculously stupid here - I'm just going insane trying to figure out why the icon isn't showing up. I've restarted the browser (obviously), and looked in add-ons. It's installed, enabled and from what I can see I should have the Evernote icon showing up alongside all my other add-ons, such as Fireshot and such like which are showing up fine. Any thoughts on this? I've tested it out on Chrome and the add-on is exactly what I need, but I prefer Firefox. Thanks.
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