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  1. Why oh why did you put tasks into it! Never wanted it.
  2. Just wanted to say how much I love the legacy version and how it does everything I want.
  3. Just want to endorse what @Ana T Melo says. The new Evernote Helper is a retrograde step versus the legacy for the reasons stated. I too love the legacy version where the screen shot is incorporated into the note versus becoming a note in it's own right. Also when you quit Evernote - you cannot use the helper - whereas you can in the legacy. Just love the legacy version and hope to keep using it for the next 5 years or more! 🙂
  4. Not the point! Not looking for a work around - looking for the feature to work natively within the scribble pad which is not working - i.e. it is a bug that needs fixing.
  5. You can capture a full screen shot, but the other icons for a selection of the screen does not work. Also the screen capture immediately saves it as a separate note instead of adding it to the scribble pad first.
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