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  1. What? There is NO way to manage linespacing? Although the tool uses it? FACEPALM
  2. Was adding to an older note (on my MBP) using EN 7.03 Had highlighted all the text, and was looking for the right way to set the line spacing uniformly - clicked on what looked like a line space option, but that was an actual line - so the entire page disappeared and all I had was a single line across the document. Did command-Z right away, nothing happened! Note gone. WTF!!!! I quickly picked up my phone, switched it to airplane mode, and copy-pasted the destroyed note into a new note - but all the edits I'd made on the laptop were gone. This is sh*t functionality - anything should be able to be undone.
  3. Yep, it's useless. Don't f*ck with my pictures unless I want you to. FB has a moronic photo suggestion too, as if I pathologically *have* to share every f-ing picture I take. And I think Google cooked up some retarded film roll "feature" that wanted me to look at a strung together sequence of pics I had from the past week. Made no sense. Absolutely retarded intrusive and annoying as an auto feature, maybe good if I actually request it.
  4. I agree, just saw this on my Android device, and I don't want any bleeping photo review done by EN, just go away. All I want is a shared note taking workspace that doesn't intrude on my user experience. I can't find any setting to turn this sh*t off, will check on my MBP if that has more options. IDIOTIC "FEATURE"!!!!
  5. Please come up with a way to set the default font on iPad - I really dislike the default sans serif font - let me change it!
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