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  1. Hi, I do have the same problem on iOS and on Mac OS Catalina. The Evernote SDK or website has a bug. It works against sandbox. Here more: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/126353-webview-deprecation-and-web-login-issue-on-catalina/
  2. Hi, we are using the latest evernote-sdk-mac 1.2.2 in our software. When users logins in thru the Evernote popup screen a blank screen shown after entering the email address. (see screen shots) The issue can be only reproduced on 10.15 Catalina. The web requests are handled all inside the evernote-mac-sdk. Further Apple discontinued the support of WebView class for 10.15 Catalina but the SDK has lots of references. WEBKIT_CLASS_DEPRECATED_MAC(10_3, 10_14, "No longer supported; please adopt WKWebView.") @interface WebView : NSView { @private WebViewPrivate *_private; } Is there a workaround? Update: We cannot reproduce the problem against sandbox.evernote.com The problem can be reproduced on the SampleApp-Mac + Catalina + production API keys. Best, Paul
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