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  1. Well, if changes are time stamped, would it be that difficult to add a timestamp when a note is opened?
  2. I would like the option to sort my notes by last date/time opened. This would especially be useful for cookbooks; those recipes used most often would appear first. Perhaps this is already an option but I have been unable to find it.
  3. I have a Scansnap S1500 and have been using the Scan to Evevernote profile to scan documents and jpgs directly into an Evernote folder. The problem I am having is that if I scan a document using either Evernote profile (jpg or pdf,) it is saved to whatever Evernote notebook is open at the time, even if that notebook. happens to be one that is shared with me by someone else and I do not have editing privileges to it. It only changes the notebook in my desktop application, not on the web. However, once the document is saved to that notebook on my desktop, I cannot move it or delete it. The only way to remove it is to follow this procedure, given to me by the Evernote support team: 1. In Evernote, go to File > Logout "Username" 2. If Evernote has closed, please re-open it. You will now be on the Sign-In page. 3. Go to Evernote > Options (upper left-hand corner) 4. Click on the "Open Database files folder" button 5. Move the file with your username (ending in "exb") to a different location. For example, move it to your computer's desktop. 6. Sign In to Evernote with your username and password 7. Wait for your account data to synchronize to your machine from the service. This is a pain and takes a lot of time. I have talked with both Evernote Support and Scansnap support and they both say it is the other's problem. The simple answer of course is to always make sure I have the correct notebook open but Evernote is pretty much always open on my desktop and I just don't remember to go in and switch notebooks every time I drop something in my scanner. Isn't there some way to specify which notebook the scans will be sent to, or at least to make sure they are always sent to the default notebook?
  4. Google docs has OCR and will "create a stream of contiguous words to match whatever text it finds" in the jpg you upload. I have found that it will not do a negative (white on black) text pic though.
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