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  1. I am a developer, and have been trying evernote to hold various pieces of code. Recently I noticed that if I paste SQL queries from SQL Server Management Studio, they are slightly altered in evernote. For example, my query may have the following '[sOME_SERVER].A_Database.dbo.MyTable' which evernote produces as '[sOME_SERVER] .A_Database . dbo. MyTable' (note the spaces which have been added). I have not experienced this with any other program, as far as I know. If I paste the same text into another program like notepad or notepad++, I don't have this problem. Oddly, if I take the same text from my text editor, copy again, and paste to evernote, it does not add the spaces. I am not sure which program is causing this behavior but am curious as to whether this kind of reformatting has been documented in evernote before.
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