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  1. Stacks are an option. I have them. I would like to create a stack inside of a stack.
  2. I think a glaring absence is the ability to put stacks inside of stacks. I would to have a "Work" stack that I can then add another stack underneath like "Personnel" with Notebooks inside that stack. I know you can nest things deeper on tags, but it's not nearly as convenient or efficient. Some of my notebooks need to be stacked inside of a stack.
  3. I am joining what apparently is a large segment of Penultimate users that are NOT happy with the latest update. I believe it completely ruined the product. The beauty of penultimate was that it was a digital notebook. Like having your own journal on your iPad or device. Why go away from the page options to one giant scrolling piece of paper. I wouldn't want that in real life, why would I want it in a digital journal. The zoom feature is totally inept. The new "play" button that just moves along whether you type or not is ridiculous and all of a sudden it can't figure out my stylus? I am one user that is now on the search for a new journal app. Please bring the old Penultimate back. Any suggestions on other journal apps?
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