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  1. Dear evernote friends: You really scrub it! On one side small sd cards may be as old as Windows 3.11 is for USA, Europe or any tech-developed country. There are other countries where sd cards smaller that 4gb are really common. In fact where I live, in Argentina, there is really a few people who have 8gb or higher. So, you are voluntary leaving us out of market such as having 100mb free FOR NOTES is not a possibility. Come on!! They are only notes, 10mb its a lot of space for notes. Also they are suppoused to be on the cloud! Which, apparently they are not because I keep recieving the annoying message ("insufficiente sd..."). Till now I've been talking in name of other people in "under-developed" countries because in my particular case I do have a big sd card. I've a 32gb card, and still don't have 100mb free. I bought the big card because I like to have lot of music and take lots of pictures. Why should I leave 100mb free for NOTES! Just text!! I was really happy with this app but you guys really scrub it! Now I'll have to look for some other product with the same features. Sincerly, Diego
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