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  1. I do have the widget installed but I see in your signature that you are a premium member. I have a feeling that is the main difference. I wish I just could just get a yes/no from the developers. Even though Evernote is offline, the functionality is always there so that shouldn't make a difference, I don't think. Thanks for the help, though.
  2. I was hoping that wasn't the case, but that's what I've been doing till now. Thanks for the welcome! Even that would be okay by me (sharing the image directly with Evernote) but I can't even do that. How is it giving you that option? When I long press on any given image on the Web, it does not give me the option to "Share" it only gives me four options, "Save image", "Copy Image", "View Image" or "Set as Wallpaper". Is this one of the differences between the free and paid version?
  3. Hello all! I just got my new Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket and installed Evernote. However, I am having a problem. If I copy an image from the Web and it goes onto my clipboard, I wanna be able to put that image directly into Evernote. I know there is the Web Clipper... but lets say I open up Evernote and start a new note... how do I get that image from the clipboard directly onto the new note? I've tried to long press the blue cursor, which brings up the clipboard and I can see that the image is there but it is grayed out and will not transfer to the note. Only text does this, but not images. Perhaps someone can help me out? Thanks in advance!
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